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Pa. family forced to leave home after sinkhole swallows yard

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A Northampton County, Pa. family was forced to evacuate their residence on Sunday morning after one of the occupants, Doris Jenkins, noticed her daughter’s car was parked dangerously close to a sinkhole adjacent to their driveway. Jenkins told NBC10, “I came around the corner and said, ‘oh my God! My daughter’s car was there. I […]

Study: Canned foods cause elevated BPA levels

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Harvard School of Public Health study recommends cutting down on the amount of canned food you eatDaily canned food consumption can cause soaring levels of the compound bisphenol A (BPA) in the body, according to a recent study. Seventy-five participants, with a median age of 27, were asked to eat soup for lunch. Researchers instructed one […]

Harmful chemicals in Johnson's Baby Shampoo's

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Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is the name most moms trust to gently and safely clean their babies. That shouldn’t be the case, according to an international coalition of healthcare and environmentalists that are calling on the company to remove 2 harmful, cancer causing chemicals from the shampoo. The Associated Press says there are safer […]

‘Octomom’ selling home is surprise to some

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Will that make being mom to 14 easier?Nadya Suleman, better known as “Octomom,” has put her Southern California home up for sale, to the surprise of the note holder. Suleman and her 14 children have lived in the house her father, Ed Doud purchased for them, for 2 years.  The Associated Press stated today, the […]

Childhood Obesity hits Australia Hard

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The Australian parenting website, ‘Raising Children Network’, is claiming that health problems created by childhood obesity are so severe, that there are real concerns the current generation of parents  will outlive their children! 1.5 million Australian children are obese, making that 20%-25% of the nations minors. The proportion of overweight or obese children in Australian is increasing at an […]

Cordless phones could be as big a health risk as cell phones

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While studies are beginning to show some health dangers from cellular phones, some experts believe that digital wireless phones might be just as big a problem. These digitally enhanced cordless telephones (Dects) operate using the same technology as wi-fi computer systems and mobile phones, with the base station acting like a miniature cellular tower. A survey by […]

School asks parents to 'dress properly' and ditch PJs

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The headteachers of 11 schools in Middlesbrough, England, have caused controversy by writing to parents asking them to dress properly when on school premises. The letter asked parents to show ‘decency and respect when attending school premises, and dress properly’. Teachers say they were becoming concerned about the number of parents attending school in their […]

Is Target cheaper than Walmart? Report says yes

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In the ongoing Target vs. Walmart shopping war, those on the Target side may have ceded in the past that besides all of Target’s benefits, Walmart had the lower prices. After all, the world’s largest retailer is notorious for strong-arming vendors to cut their profits to the bone, so that must give Walmart the competitive […]