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Parents go to concert, leave baby in trunk

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Now they want their baby backSo what’s a parent to do when they really want to go to a pop concert but can’t find a sitter? For one German couple, the solution was to leave the baby in the trunk of their car in the parking lot. The couple went to a seven hour music […]

Police: Father uses baby and stroller as weapon in shoplifting incident

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A shoplifting father allegedly left his newborn baby in a stroller outside a grocery store in Somersworth, New Hampshire, while he took advantage of a five-finger discount inside. Matthew Sordiff, 21, was arrested and booked on charges of child endangerment and shoplifting after he abandoned his 4 month old infant, leaving the baby on the […]

Cops: Mom tried to sell son for drug money

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Florida woman accused of seeking cash for 5-year-oldA Florida woman has been arrested and charged after police say she attempted to sell her 5-year-old son to feed her pill popping habit. Officials in Pinellas County, Florida, say that Jessica Marie Beers had approached a couple she had met at the church she attended, and tried […]

Woman arrested for placing baby inside stoller in the back of moving pick-up truck

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An 8 month baby rode in the back of a pickup truck bed while strapped inside his strollerThe Daytona Beach, Florida police arrested a woman who rode on the back of pick-up truck’s bed along with an 8 month old baby who was inside a baby stroller. The woman, Keyona Davis, is not the baby’s […]

City shuts down fundraiser yard sale for cancer victim

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Salem, Oregon, officials say ‘rules are rules’A woman in Salem, Oregon, who was trying to pay some of her medical bills with a yard sale has been told by officials she is in violation of a city ordinance and needs to stop. Jan Cline suffers from bone marrow cancer, which she says has made her […]

Cops: Mom encouraged son to fight with brick

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A Wichita, Kansas, woman has found herself in hot water after police say she encouraged her 12-year-old son to hit another boy with a brick. The boy reportedly had an ongoing feud with the other boy, 11, and their argument turned physical earlier this week in their neighborhood in the 2600 block of North Piatt. […]

Morrissey compares dead Norway children to fried chicken

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Says killings ‘nothing’ compared to McDonald’s and KFCSinger Morrissey is taking some heat online after linking the recent massacre of dozens of schoolchildren in Norway to promoting vegetarianism. At a concert in Warsaw, Poland, Morrissey, 52, decided to use his onstage banter to rip into global fast food chains and their practices of slaughtering millions […]

Drunk mom allegedly sprays deputies with breast milk

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Stephanie Robinette, an Ohio mother, was arrested over the weekend after deputies allege that she sprayed them with breast milk following a domestic dispute at a wedding reception. The Sheriff’s office was called to the scene of the Bridgewater Banquet & Conference center for initial reports of the disturbance. Upon arrival, Robinette’s husband reported that […]

Georgia mom charged with DUI while kids in car

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A 28-year-old mother of two has been charged with DUI after police say she was driving “extremely drunk” with her children in the car. Authorities say Cierra Baughcum of Clayton County drove her Camaro through the Mill Mobile Home Park, smashing two picnic tables before plowing through a fence and driving the wrong way down […]

Groom sets grade-1 listed wedding venue on fire

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A groom is reported to have set fire to a protected building he was supposed to be getting married in, after a dispute over the bill. The castle is the only medieval style castle in Britain, and is seen as a very prestigious location. Manchester United star Wes Brown married at the hotel, and it […]

Teen's blow up doll prank could land him 8 years in jail

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An Indiana teen could be facing 8 years behind bars after his senior prank went wrong. Tyell Morton planned on sneaking a blow up doll into the girls bathroom as a joke, but he was spotted by security as he entered the building. Wearing a hooded top and latex gloves, Morton was seen to enter […]

Mum claims smoking 'helped' her newborn daughter

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A young mum has claimed her heavy smoking habit will have benefited her newborn daughter, Lilly. Charlie Wilcox, 20, appeared on a BBC3 documentary about pregnant women ignoring midwives advice. During the program, it was calculated that Charlie smoked 3,500 roll-up cigarettes during her pregnancy. Despite health professionals explaining the risks, and begging her to […]

British couple jailed for attempting to sell baby to undercover reporter

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LONDON (BNO NEWS) — A British man and a woman who attempted to sell an 11-month-old child to an undercover reporter were jailed on Friday for a total of 16 years following the first conviction of its kind under the country’s new legislation relating to slavery, Scotland Yard said. The 48-year-old man and 29-year-old woman, […]

Utah mom tries to sell daughter's virginity for $10,000

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SALT LAKE CITY (BNO NEWS) — A 32-year-old woman from Utah has been arrested by police after offering her 13-year-old daughter’s virginity in exchange for $10,000, prosecutors said on Tuesday. The woman has been charged with two felony counts of first degree aggravated sex abuse of a child and two felony counts of second degree […]

Armed police launch hunt – for toy tiger

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A major police alert was sparked in Hampshire after several members of the public reported a loose white tiger hiding in a field. After seeing the tiger through a camera lens, they alerted the police, who confirmed the sighting. A police helicopter was scrambled, alongside animal specialists from nearby Marwell Zoo, who were attending to tranquilize the […]

Mum puts two year old up for sale on Ebay

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A woman from Michigan is being investigated by police after putting the two year old girl she was looking after up for sale on popular auction site Ebay. Police were alerted to the auction by a bidder, who had placed a $1000 bid as a joke, and was understandably worried when the bid was accepted. […]

Chili's now makes list for serving little kids alcohol

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A Chili’s in Chicago, apparently feeling left out of all the attention garnered by Applebee’s and Olive Garden, is being accused of serving a 4-year-old an alcoholic beverage instead of a chocolate milkshake. Tyree Davis said she visited the South Side chain restaurant Sunday night, and her daughter, Brooklynn, ordered a chocolate milkshake. What she […]

WV mom found passed out on steering wheel; baby in car seat

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Huntington police in West Virginia responded to reports on Saturday that a woman was passed out in her truck at Ritter Park. The woman was 27 year old Candace Lane Davis who police found slumped over her steering wheel while her 11 month old baby was strapped inside her car seat. Police report that they […]

Mother allegedly dumps baby on stranger's doorstep

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A South Bend Indiana mother left a stranger scratching his head when she showed up at his apartment and asked the man if  he could watch her approximately 10 month old baby for a few minutes. The man, perhaps in a state of shock, agreed. According to the South Bend Tribune, the woman showed up […]

Girl with broken and dislocated arm gets the bum rush from school principal

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10 year old Savanna, a student at Northwest School in Gaffney, South Carolina, fell on the school playground and wound up with some significant injuries. As it turns out, Savanna suffered a fractured elbow, broken arm and dislocated shoulder. Although it would seem fairly straight forward that the plan should have included immediate transportation to […]

Police: Popscicle man driving ice cream truck drunk

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Look mom! It’s the ice cream man! But he’s not driving so well. Maybe he’s been indulging in more than just creamy treat sugar comas. Looks like he’s downright drunk! At least, that is what the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Florida reported. According to police records, Ronald Clifford Purdy, age 49, had a blood […]

Mother arrested for leaving toddler in car on side of interstate

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A South Carolina mother was arrested on charges that she left her 17 month old baby girl inside a freezing car, in the middle of the night, along Interstate 85. On top of abandoning her daughter, she has also been charged with driving on a suspended license, driving under the influence and for possessing various […]

'Balloon boy' dad: I had no choice but to confess

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Richard Heene, the man charged with being behind the “balloon boy” hoax, says he only confessed to being guilty because his legal bills were becoming to big to handle. In 2009, Heene’s son, Falcon, made headlines when it was thought he had sneaked into a homemade weather balloon and set himself aloft into Colorado skies. […]

12 year old gets driving lesson; crashes into canal

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A 12 year old boy, whose father was trying to give him a driving lesson, accidentally put the SUV into gear and subsequently landed the truck into a Palm Beach County, Florida canal. It is unclear why his father was trying to teach the boy to drive at that particular moment. According to The Miami […]

Pet ferret chews off infant's fingers

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A 4 month old baby boy is in critical condition after the family’s pet ferret ate off 7 fingers, leaving the little guy with only 2 thumbs and part of a pinky. According to the Kansas City Star, the mother supposedly fell asleep fairly close to her infant son. The baby was sleeping in a […]