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Child molesting father abducts 4 year old daughter

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A Georgia man who is a convicted child molester took his 4 year old daughter without permission as he does not have custody of the little girl. Minor Topics is thinking this might not turn out well. The child molester is wanted for bond violation. There is nothing good that happen with him having unfettered […]

Washington state boy goes missing in Canada

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A Bellingham Washington boy, around the age of 7 years old, went missing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, while he and his family were on vacation. He disappeared on a beach where he was last seen on a concrete slab near the ocean waves. His parents desperately tried to find him in the ocean but […]

Portuguese official: Madeleine McCann case wrapping up

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So, does this mean they are close to naming a suspect (or suspects), or is the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann about to head into the cold case files? “We are at a stage now where we are approaching the conclusion of the process,” Justice Minister Alberto Costa told a parliamentary committee hearing. […]

Body of missing Chicago boy found in Minneapolis

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Demond Reed, a 4-year-old Chicago boy living with his cousin in Minneapolis, was reported missing last Wednesday. Upon further investigation, Minneapolis police actually found Desmond’s body inside the house where he was staying: The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office is trying to determine how and when Demond died, but police say they’re investigating it as […]

5 year old found hitchhiking in Utah

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What appears to be an abduction of sorts, a 5 year old went missing and was seen hitchhiking. The little girl reportedly was given two rides while she was missing. Something tells me that more will come out about this story and it won’t be good. Police are still shaking their heads about an enterprising […]

Sketch released in Madeleine McCann abuduction

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A collaborative effort on the part of two eye-witnesses, who gave details about a man they claim they saw take little Maddy. The man and his connections to several pedophile rings, with child pornography and predator reach around the world is now being investigated. Super creepy! Let’s hope law enforcement breaks these rings wide open […]

A search is underway for two teen runaways

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Two young teens are the focus of a nationwide manhunt when they stole one of their mothers car and the family dog and ran off together. The middle school girl is said to be bi-polar and left her medications behind. This should be interesting… VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Michigan — A countrywide search was on Thursday on […]

5 year old disappears close to where Madeleine McCann went missing

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A 5-year-old girl went missing when she went to a local store to buy crisps. What makes this all the more eerie, the place of her disappearance was just 2 hours outside the Praia da Luz resort where Madeleine McCann went missing. Could there be a link?? A 5-year-old girl disappeared in an area searched […]