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Survey: Autism diagnosis rates rise

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A new U.S. government survey released on Wednesday seeking to assess the rate in which Autism is currently being diagnosed, has revealed that current rates of diagnosis are increasing significantly. However, the study which finds that 1 in 50 U.S. children have Autism, as opposed to an earlier study which put Autism rates at 1 in 88 children, […]

Mother allegedly beat toddler son with sippy cup

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A Warrenton, Mo., mother was arrested  and charged with child abuse after police said say she hit her son over the head with a sippy cup and frequently knocked  him to the ground, according to a news report on Tuesday from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Heather R. Baugh, 28, told police that an abrasion to […]

Republican Sen. Rob Portman speaks out about gay son, gay marriage

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U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R) penned an editorial on Friday in The Columbus Dispatch which reveals his change of heart on gay marriage, which he now supports. Portman admits that his position on gay marriage changed upon finding out that his young adult son was gay after he came out to he and his wife, Jane […]

NYC video surveillance captures pit bull attack on youngster

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Video surveillance captured a horrifying scene on Sunday when a young girl, 6-years-old, was viciously attacked by a pit bull without any provocation. The unidentified girl was walking with her grandmother in the Bronx neighborhood in NYC, when a pit bull made a beeline for the girl and started whipping her around while clutching her in […]

Mom jumps off building with infant, falls 100 ft., baby survives

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A New York mother, holding her 10-month-old son, leaped off her eight story apartment window on Wednesday in what police believe was a murder-suicide attempt. According to NBC News, Cynthia Wachenheim, 45, reportedly left a 7-page suicide note before she took the fatal jump out her window with her infant son, Keston. The suicide note […]

Source: Prince William and Kate Middleton baby name revealed

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Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are expecting their first child in July, have reportedly leaked the name of their baby, according to Hollywood Life via a source on Wednesday. The leak comes on the heels of another alleged leak made by The Duchess of Cambridge herself. Apparently Middleton slipped that she was having a […]

Tween dead after inhaling air conditioner fumes to get high

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A 12-year-old Hesperia, Calif. girl is dead after using her family’s air conditioning unit to get high in early March. The act of getting  high from an air conditioner is called “huffing” or “bagging”. The name comes from the process of putting a bag over the air conditioner and then breathing in the collected freon […]

Study: Babies are bigots

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A new study suggests that babies tend to gravitate towards those who like the same things they like and dislike those who are different from them or have different interests. According to Science Daily on Tuesday, a study conducted by Kiley Hamlin, a psychological scientist and professor at the University of British Columbia, had infants […]

Pa. family forced to leave home after sinkhole swallows yard

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A Northampton County, Pa. family was forced to evacuate their residence on Sunday morning after one of the occupants, Doris Jenkins, noticed her daughter’s car was parked dangerously close to a sinkhole adjacent to their driveway. Jenkins told NBC10, “I came around the corner and said, ‘oh my God! My daughter’s car was there. I […]

7-year-old Texas girl learning how to tattoo (photos)

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A 7-year-old Abilene, Texas, girl is learning how to tattoo from her tattoo artist father, Patrick Gutierrez, according to a Houston Chronicle report on Wednesday. The young apprentice, Alicia Gutierrez, is currently learning the ropes in her father’s tattoo parlor. Mr. Gutierrez says that he learned how to tattoo at 14-years-old and he hopes Alicia […]

Colo. school officials: Transgender first grader cannot use girl's bathroom

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Colorado school officials have put the kibosh on a first grade student, Coy Mathis, who is anatomically male but identifies herself as a female, on using the girls’ bathroom. A Fountain-Fort Carson School District attorney, W. Kelly Dude explained via CNN: [The district] took into account not only Coy but other students in the building, […]

10-year-old calls cops to complain about bedtime

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A Brockton, Mass. boy was lectured by police officers on Wednesday night after he called 911 to complain about his 8 o’clock bedtime. The 10-year-old boy was apparently angry at his mom for insisting he go to bed at 8 P.M. so he called the police to report the great injustice of it all. According […]

Dad arrested after spiking infant's bottle with bleach

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A 20-year-old Oscala, Fla. father was arrested on Sunday after allegedly putting bleach inside his 2-month-old daughter’s bottle. Police believe the suspect, Carron Washington, intentionally spiked victim Caelynn Washington’s baby bottle because he was angry, but Carron denies those allegations. Carron says he’s no child abuser, claiming only to be guilty of poor judgement. Carron […]

Cops: Father arrested for murdering drunk driver who killed his kids

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David Barajas, 31, of Alvin, Texas, has been arrested and charged with the murder of Jose Banda, 20, after Banda’s vehicle struck Barajas’ children, ages 11 and 12, killing them. Banda struck David Barajas II, 12, and his younger brother, Caleb Barajas, 11, at around 11:30 pm on Dec. 7 as the boys attempted to […]

Mother and baby die during late term abortion

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A 29-year-old New York mother and her eight-month-old unborn baby died in Maryland on Thursday after the woman underwent a late term abortion. The victim, Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, is believed to have undergone the abortion after she learned her unborn daughter suffered from birth defects, although the exact nature of the defects are not yet […]

Man alleges Lifetime Fitness trainer molested him as teen

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A 22-year-old Naperville, Ill. man has filed a lawsuit against Lifetime Fitness alleging one of their personal trainers groomed and molested him for an extended period of time starting when he was 16-years-old. The unidentified plaintiff claims that 60-year-0ld Robert Theodore went through an extensive grooming period where he wooed the teen’s parents and and […]

Colo. theater shooting victims allegedly harassed by conspiracy theorists

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The Colorado District Attorney overseeing victim justice in the James Holmes mass murder trial says that shooting victims, their families and witnesses have been harassed and victimized by conspiracy theorists who deny the incident occurred according to a 10 TV report on Thursday. The same conspiracy theorists, many whom are followers of Alex Jones and […]

Saturday mail deliver over, says U.S. Postal Service

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The U.S. Post Office will cease to deliver Saturday mail as soon as August 2013. While the plan will reportedly save the USPS about $2 billion a year, it will not be enough to make up their $16 billion dollar loss in 2012. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the two major reasons the USPS has […]

Prison inmates save three drowning boys' lives

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A prison work crew in Hazel Dell, Wash. came to the rescue of three brothers after they heard screaming coming from a raging river near where they were assigned work detail last week as part of their prison term. One inmate, Nelson Pettis from Larch Corrections Center, said, “We just thought it was some kids […]

6-year-old goes for joyride in effort to get to dad

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A 6-year-old Pittsburgh, Pa. girl crashed her mother’s car into a utility pole on Sunday morning when she took off in the family car to go visit her dad. The youngster was trying to get to her father across town when she hit two parked vehicles and wound up stopping after she hit a utility […]

Teens trying new, dangerous drug called 'Molly'

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A tiny little pill has started to surface at high school parties throughout the U.S., posing a huge threat to teens who can easily pop the pill without much thought. The pill known at party scenes as “Molly” (also known as the compressed powder form of MDMA) is being billed as a completely pure drug, […]

Two pit bull attacks leave youngster dead, toddler critical

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A Willis, Texas, toddler is in critical condition after he was mauled by a pit bull his family had chained up outside. The dog apparently attacked the boy in his yard while his mother went inside for a quick glass of water. When she returned, a pit bull was attacking her baby, biting him in […]

Pregnant stripper fist fights other stripper, police called

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Two Wisconsin strippers reportedly duke-d it out after a customer handed one of them a dollar bill, but the other dancer swiped the money before the rightful owner could take it. The flagrant rejection of “stripper code” left one of the exotic dancers so angry, she started to punch, kick, slap and pull the hair […]

Mother could be charged after child falls from window

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An Ohio mother could be charged with neglect if an investigation in to why her 5-year-old son fell out of the family’s second story window finds the woman negligent. The boy fell out of the window early Wednesday morning after a neighbor warned him not to stand in the windowsill. Shayna Shuman lives next door […]

Idaho commune will only allow families of gun toting 'patriots'

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An online website, targeting families prepping for a disaster or government coup, is building a private commune, surrounded by fortified walls to families willing to relocate to Idaho. According to the commune’s website, interested families must commit to defending the fortress against “all enemies, foreign and domestic”. The community, set to be built on 2,000 […]