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TV's Michelle Duggar, mother of 19, suffers a miscarriage

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The Duggars of the TLC reality series “19 Kids and Counting” were heartbroken on Thursday to learn that a miscarriage had occurred. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were at a routine checkup, hoping to find out the sex of their 20th child, when their doctor was unable to find the baby’s heartbeat. Michelle was informed that her pregancy […]

Reality TV star Giuliana Rancic planning to undergo double mastectomy

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Giuliana Rancic announced that she’s planning to undergo a double mastectomy in her continuing fight against breast cancer. Rancic, who hosts E! News host and stars in the reality show “Giuliana & Bill” appeared on the “Today Show” with her husband Bill and talked her decision to proceed after a double lumpectomy failed to remove […]

Conjoined twins leave hospital after separation

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  Two formerly conjoined toddlers have recovered from separation surgery and are leaving a Richmond, Virginia hospital in the hopes of soon returning home to the Dominican Republic. On Friday, Maria and Teresa Tapia were released from Children’s Hospital of Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University. The 20-month-old girls had been joined at the chest and underwent complicated surgery that lasted nearly […]

Popular muppet song has pornographic roots

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The soundtrack to the new Muppet movie features plenty of new music written by famous artists, but the song audiences are probably humming to themselves on the way out of the theater was not new. “Mahna Mahna” is the tune that helps to bring The Muppets to a rousing finish. “Mahna Mahna” is an infectious song that many people know the classic sketch […]

New Coke can strikes out with consumers

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Their heart was definitely in the right place when Coca-Cola created the snow white can for their regular Coke product with the intention of raising funds and awareness for the plight of the polar bears.  In doing so, however, they forgot not only the safety of their customers, but the lesson learned from the “New […]

3rd Grader taken from mom because he was too obese

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When officials in Cleveland decided a mother had not done enough to help her third grader,who weighed more than 200 pounds, to lose wight, they took the boy from her. The boy’s mother (who was not identified) said, “They are trying to make it seem like I am unfit, like I don’t love my child…It’s a lifestyle change and […]

Man dies during Black Friday shopping; shoppers ignore him

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When a West Virginia man died while shopping in a Target in South Charleston on Black Friday, it was reported that fellow shoppers stepped around and even over his body. Family members reported that 61-year-old Walter Vance of Logan County, West Virginia had become ill and collapsed while he was shopping for Christmas decorations in the Target store.  His family said he died later, after being taken […]

NBA lockout over?

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66 Game basketball season to start on ChristmasAfter a marathon negotiating session, NBA players and owners have reached a tentative agreement that would end the lockout. Even though on November 14th the players association disbanded after rejecting  Commissioner David Stern’s so-called last offer, the two sides got together again Friday in a New York hotel room. Just after 3 a.m. Saturday, word was released that a […]

Four-year-old boy beaten to death on his birthday

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In Chicago, Illinois, a 4-year-old boy was found in a Gage Park neighborhood home, apparently beaten to death on his birthday. Chicago police said that they are questioning the mother of the child and her boyfriend. The child was apparently found unresponsive by relatives who had come to deliver a birthday cake. Police said that officers were […]

New flu found in Iowa raises concern

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A new type of flu virus has afflicted three children in Iowa. This virus has been linked to pigs in the past, but these new cases appaear to have been spread from person to person.  Dr. Patricia Quinlisk, medical director for the Iowa Department of Public Health, said that the children did not become seriously ill. The children live in […]

Wife offers husband on Craigslist

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It seems that you can find anything on Craigslist these days–even a husband. Be careful though–used items often come with flaws. Alyse Baddley decided to put her husband Kyle on Craigslist, the online classified ads, for the highest bidder after she became frustrated with him constantly playing the video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare […]

Antipsychotic drugs are frequently given to foster kids

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A new study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics suggests that foster children are being prescribed a powerful combination of antipsychosis drugs as frequently as some of the most mentally disabled kids on Medicaid. The report is the first to investigate how often youngsters in foster homes are given two antipsychotic drugs at once, according […]

Parents upset after "Hooters Girl" invited to school career day

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The parent of a Clearwater, Florida student is complaining to administrators after the appearance of Brittany Morgan, a “Hooters Girl,” at her child’s school.  Morgan, 23,  had been invited participate in Thursday’s Great American Teach-In. Professionals with different careers come to Bay area schools each year to teach kids and teens about different jobs. On […]

McDonalds searches for new egg supplier after learning of animal cruelty

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McDonald’s has dropped the egg supplier for their McMuffins, Sparboe Egg Farms, as a result of seeing footage from an investigation of animal cruelty conducted there by  Mercy For Animals (MFA), a national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farm animals. McDonald’s issued statement a statement after viewing the footage, saying that they would no longer be accepting eggs from Sparboe Egg Farms […]

First grader forced to rub her teacher's feet

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School District Three in Lexington County, S.C. is investigating the complaint of a first-grader who said she had to rub her teacher’s feet. A representative of the district said they have launched a full investigation, taken appropriate action and rectified the situation. For some parents, that’s not nearly enough. Brenda Norris, the grandmother of one of the first graders, said of […]

Kids should be tested for cholesterol early, according to doctors

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On Friday, a panel of doctors urged every parent to get their child tested for high cholesterol between ages 9 and 11. The idea is that this early assessment will allow steps to be taken to prevent heart disease at a later age. Major medical groups have suggested up until now that cholesterol tests are […]

Teenage athletes with heart problems may be slipping through screenings

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A new study shows that doctors are skipping parts of screening exams, which may be allowing teen athletes with cardiac risks to fall through the cracks. A report presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association stated that than 6 percent of doctors followed the screening guidelines suggested by the group when conduction […]

Eddie Bauer sued for infant death in baby sling

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The family of Matilda Blanche Gentzel , an infant who died in November of 2009, has filed a lawsuit claiming that the girl died as a result of a defective infant carrier sling which cut off her ability to breath. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court. According to the lawsuit, Gentzel died […]

Woman drives her son to a neighboring town to kill informant

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When is it illegal for a woman to give her son a ride? When she’s taking him and an accomplice from Chicago to Cicero to shoot a person they believe to be a police informant. That’s exactly what Cicero police say Linda J. Vargas-Jurado did. Vargas-Jurado, 33, was taken into custody on Thursday by Chicago and Cicero police, as […]

Joe Paterno may leave Penn state after assistant coach is charged with sexual abuse of children

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According to the New York Times, Penn State football coach Joe Paterno will not return next season as questions continue to pile up about how the 84-year-old coach handled the allegations of sexual abuse made against Jerry Sandusky,  the former defensive coordinator for the Nittany Lions. Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was […]

School lunch supplier repackages moldy applesauce

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  Federal health regulators are scrutinizing a Washington state fruit processor for repackaging applesauce contaminated with several kinds of potentially dangerous molds. The firm, Snokist Growers, supplies the nation’s schools and a baby food maker. Food and Drug Administration officials posted a warning letter to the Yakima, Washington company’s president, Jimmie L. Davis on Oct. 20th. “Your firm reprocesses moldy […]

Police in Streamwood, Illinois search for the mother of an infant found strangled at thrift store

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The search continues for the mother of a newborn baby boy who was found dead at a Salvation Army store in Streamwood, Illinois on Friday. The child had apparently been strangled. A press release issued by the Streamwood police on Saturday described the mother as being a Hispanic female between 14 and 25 years old, […]

Olympic gold medalist agrees to be homecoming date for 15-year-old boy

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A wise man once told me that the easiest way to get a beautiful woman to go out with you is to ask her. This simple approach proved to be “golden” for 15-year-old Parker McDonald, a sophomore at the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy in Colorado. He’s is going to homecoming with Olympic gold medalist […]

Man arrested in Des Plaines, Illinois for distributing child pornography

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Bobby Cruz, a 32-year-old man from Des Plaines, Illinois, has been taken into federal custody after investigators allegedly found child pornography, incluing videos and photos, on his laptop and external hard drive. The U.S. attorney’s office announced today that Cruz was arrested and charged with transporting child pornography via computer on Nov. 1 as part of Operation Predator, a nationwide […]

Justin Bieber denies fathering a child

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Justin Bieber addressed rumors about being the father of a woman’s 3-month-old baby on while on the TODAY show this morning to promote his upcoming Chistmas album, “Under the Mistletoe.” Bieber said, “I’d just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true…I know that I’m going to be a target, but I’m never […]