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7-year-old Indiana girl tests positive for methadone

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A 7-year-old Fort Wayne, Indiana girl was brought to the emergency room at Parkview Hospital Randallia where she tested positive for methadone, marijuana and PCP on Wednesday.  The girl was brought to the hospital by her mother. Fort Wayne police and Child Services were called to the hospital. Child Services reportedly attempted to interview the […]

Man sentenced to two years for killing terminally ill wife

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Linda McNeely of Bothell, Washington began having seizures during the summer of 2010. She soon learned that she had a fast growing tumor in her brain. By fall of 2011, doctors only gave her 6 months to live.  Linda McNeely’s children wrote letters to the court detailing the pain she was suffering. These letters explained […]

Georgia school board member allegedly hits student with car

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Angela Cornett, a school board member in Bartow County, Georgia, reportedly stuck a 17-year-old student in a busy Walmart parking lot. Emily Gulledge, a senior in the Bartow County School District, said that she was standing in a parking spot to hold it for her brother’s girlfriend whom had just given birth when she was […]

Runny nose thought to be allergies actually leaking brain fluid

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Aundrea Aragon, a 35-year-old mother from Tucson, Arizona, had a tasteless, clear liquid leaking from her nose for four months. Doctors continually assured her that the liquid was a result of allergies. Aragon had a nagging feeling that something else was wrong. Aragon believed that her runny nose was anything but typical. She told ABC […]

Beloved teacher dies while teaching

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Lori Blomme, a teacher in the Minneapolis school district, died after collapsing in front of her students on Tuesday, October 30. The Pioneer Press reports that Blomme told her students in her third hour class that she felt faint before collapsing. Students were ushered to the gym as paramedics rushed to Blomme’s aid. Blomme worked as […]

Dog and her puppies keep lost boy warm

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A 10-year-old Hackleburg, Alabama boy with Down Syndrome wandered from his home on Tuesday afternoon. Kyle Camp was watching television around 4:30PM on Tuesday. Soon after, his family found him to be missing. The area around Kyle’s house is heavily wooded. His family searched for him until 7:00PM Tuesday evening before calling the police. There […]

California father threatens to shoot neighborhood speeders

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A Bakersfield, California father is tired of drivers speeding through his neighborhood, threatening neighborhood safety. Concerned with the welfare of his children, he decided to take a new approach to warning speeders. Phillip has put up a sign in his front yard warning drivers: “Warning! You hit my kid, you will be shot!!” While Phillip […]

Car crashing into pizzeria kills recent widow eating with family

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82-year-old Kathryn Virginia Hamlin was eating at Mama Mia’s Pizzeria in Anna, Texas with her daughter and grandson when a car came crashing through the restaurant’s wall. NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth reports that the driver of the car, an 80-year-old woman, had just left a nearby beauty salon when she accidentally pressed on the gas […]

Teen's stomach removed after drinking celebratory liquid nitrogen cocktail

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Gaby Scanlon of Lancashire, England was out celebrating her 18th birthday last Thursday night when she indulged in a Jagermeister drink prepared with liquid nitrogen. Shortly after, she began feeling breathless and suffered from severe stomach pains. The Telegraph in the UK reports that Scanlon was rushed to the Lancaster Royal Infirmary around 11:00PM that […]

Man leaves 5-month-old in car to rob house

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Lamont Andre Cummings was babysitting his girlfriend’s 5-month-old daughter last Thursday when he allegedly robbed a Lilburn, Georgia home. Cummings is accused of leaving the infant in a car while he robbed a home in broad daylight, stealing electronics and a rifle. Authorities were alerted to the situation when Bill Wannamaiger, the victims’ neighbor, saw […]

Mom urges 10-year-old to shoplift, then flees without child

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A mother used her 10-year-old daughter in a shoplifting attempt at a Safeway in Morgan Hill, California. 38-year-old Marcy Keelin and her daughter shopped together at the store on September 19th. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that after almost entirely filling the cart, Keelin instructed her daughter to wait by the door for her to […]

Juvenile offenders overun staff, escape Washington detention center

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Six high risk juvenile offenders from Echo Glen Children’s Center in Snoqualmie, Washington caused a flurry of activity late Saturday night. Around 11:30 PM, the six teenage boys overpowered a female staff member, knocked her unconscious, snatched her keys and radio, and locked her in a room. Then, they fled the facility. The incident was […]

Father wrestles man who grabbed his two-year-old daughter

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Kelly Davis, 31, took his daughters to Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago last Saturday night so that they could see the big skyscrapers and lights. Davis told The Chicago Tribune, “We thought it would be a nice family outing to see the city at night and the girls could see the big skyscrapers and the […]

12-year-old drives to safety after grandfather dies

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Last Tuesday did not end the way New Jersey 12-year-old Miranda Bowman had anticipated. Miranda had spent the day having fun with her grandfather and brother at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville. After a day of fun, things quickly changed. While driving home, Miranda’s grandfather told her that he did not feel well […]

Autistic girl falls from window, caught by neighbor

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While mother Shaleema McCree was helping her young son go to the bathroom, her 7-year-old autistic daughter, Keyla, was pushing out a piece holding an air conditioning unit in the window of the family’s 3rd story Coney Island apartment. The little girl was able to wiggle her way through the tiny opening. Witnesses informed the […]

New York mother poisons children to punish boyfriend

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“You got what you wanted. Me and the kids are in a better place now,” Lissette Bamenga allegedly wrote in a suicide note. The 29-year-old Bronx mother was in a jealous rage over her belief that her boyfriend was cheating on her and got another woman pregnant. In retaliation, the NY Post reports that she […]

Mother leaves toddler home alone to go drinking

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Stephanie Davis, 21, of Cumming, Georgia was arrested on June 22 for speeding and driving under the influence after partying at a sports bar. While being detained, she called her mother to let her know that someone was watching her toddler son at home. After speaking with her daughter, Davis’ mother believed that the child […]

Heroic mom dies shielding toddler from tornado

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Heather Town, a Florida mother of three, made the ultimate sacrifice to save her three-year-old daughter during a violent tornado on Sunday night. The mother and daughter were tossed from their mobile home by the tornado. Town was found covered in barbed wire and debris in a wooded area near her home, still clutching her […]

Mother's intuition leads her to save drowning children

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Something told Jansy Peternell to go check on her children. The Renton, Washington mother left her home to see what the kids were up to. When she walked out, she saw two neighborhood children drowning in a retention pond across the street. Peternell told KING 5 in Seattle, “It was surreal. What was strange is […]

Father drowns trying to retrieve remote-controlled boat

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Sammie Weiner, 40, drowned while attempting to retrieve a remote-controlled boat in a Long Island lake on Friday evening. Weiner was seen entering Lake Ronkonkoma in New York around 8:30 PM to retrieve the boat for other lake visitors. Long Island Newsday reports that three men offered him $40 to bring back the boat. The […]

Jogger fights off teen gropers with Kung Fu

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You never know when your self-defense skills will prove useful. Priscilla Dang, 23, of Vancouver, Washington has been taking martial arts classes since she was 5-years-old. In fact, her family owns the Summit Wushu Academy where Chinese martial arts are taught. Lately, Dang has been learning Kung Fu from her older brother. Last week, Dang’s […]

Study highlights increased number of children swallowing magnets

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A recent study published by U.K. researchers in The Lancet highlights the increased occurrence of children swallowing magnets. The study followed two cases of children swallowing magnets. In one case, an 18-month-old child had swallowed 10 small magnetic balls. The child needed a laparotomy to remove the balls. The child had suffered from abdominal pain […]

Third-grader strip searched at school over $20

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After $20 went missing in the school cafeteria, 10-year-old Justin Cox was taken to the assistant principal’s office where he was reportedly forced to strip in front of Assistant Principal Teresa Holmes and a male janitor. Cox had been accused of snatching the $20 when a girl accidentally dropped it in the cafeteria of Union […]

Parents accused of planting drugs on school volunteer

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Two Irvine, California attorneys have been arrested for allegedly planting drugs on a parent volunteer at their son’s elementary school. Jill Easter, 38, reportedly felt that the volunteer was not sufficiently supervising her son. In retaliation, she and her husband, Kent Easter, devised a plan to plant drugs in the volunteer’s car in an effort […]

Mom leaves kids in car wreck, goes to eat ice cream – naked

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A Houston mom was driving with her three children when she collided with a METRO bus last Friday. Instead of helping her children after the crash, Dillard reacted strangely. KPRC TV in Houston reports that after the collision, Stephanie Dillard, 34, left her children in the car in a busy intersection and proceeded to a […]