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Teen in critical condition after accidental hanging in haunted house

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Creepyworld employee found hanging in prop nooseA 17-year old worker at a haunted house in the St. Louis area is in critical condition following what appears to be an unfortunate accident. The girl was found unconscious with a noose around her neck by another employee of the haunted house. The noose was used as a […]

Man stabbed by girlfriend for cheating at Monopoly

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Classic Parker Brother’s game leads to domestic disputeA Santa Fe woman went directly to jail on Wednesday for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend over a game of Monopoly. Police say that 60-year-old Laura Chavez stabbed her boyfriend, 48-year-old Clyde Smith, with a kitchen knife after accusing him of cheating during the popular Parker Brother’s game. When […]

Crying doll saves family from fire

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High School parenting assignment acts as smoke alarmA family in La Vergne, TN, is alive today thanks to a generations old high school parenting assignment. Christian Deason, 17, who is a self proclaimed “heavy sleeper”, was awakened by the sound of a simulation doll that began to cry at 3:30 a.m. on Oct. 24, and […]

Student shot at Cape Fear High School

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Two North Carolina schools locked down during manhunt for shooter Parents of Cumberland County school students received the type of phone call that nightmares are made of on Monday afternoon. Two North Carolina schools were on lockdown Monday after a 15-year-old student was shot in the neck while eating lunch outside of Cape Fear High […]

Northern Ireland man tries to create gold using his own feces

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Paul Moran arrested for arson, after trying to heat his own poopA Northern Ireland man’s plan to get rich resulted in jail time, rather than wealth.  Every person dreams of inventing the next great gadget, or developing a fool proof plan to get rich while sitting at home. Ireland’s own Paul Moran, 30, of the […]

Parents force 16-year-old into medieval style duel

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Teen battles step father in two-hour duel with wooden sword A father in Washington is currently under arrest for assaulting his teenage step daughter with a deadly weapon. Lt. Greg Elwin of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office claims that Fremon Seay, 38, is accused of beating his 16-year-old step daughter with twigs from a tree, after […]

FBI investigating death of newborn aboard Carnival cruise ship

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A Carnival Dream employee discovered a dead newborn baby aboard the cruise ship, according to a news release by Carnival Cruise Line early Saturday. The baby was found in a guest cabin while the ship was docked in St. Maarten on Wednesday. The discovery was reported to the authorities, and the 20-year-old mother was detained […]

Family lost in corn maze with newborn baby dials 911

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Police in Danvers, Mass., received a distress call from a family of four, who had become disoriented in a local corn maze. Among the family members was a 3-week-old baby, who was apparently on his first trip out of the house. The family became lost in the seven acre Connors Farm maze at dusk on […]

California bans minors from using tanning beds

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Many American teenagers use tanning salons each day, but some may not be aware of the dangers they pose to their bodies. California Governor Jerry Brown aims to remedy this, as he signed a bill on Sunday prohibiting minors, under the age of 18, from using ultraviolet tanning salons. Artificial tanning facilities utilize the same […]

Teens use wasp spray to rob Pizza Hut driver

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  The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that two teenagers robbed a Pizza Hut delivery driver Thursday afternoon using a can of bug spray. Tina McAllister, 42, of Brandon, was on a routine delivery on Wakefield Drive in the Providence Lakes neighborhood, when she was attacked by two teenage boys, ages 14 and 16. […]

Thief photographed by iPhone app

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A 23-year-old thief, identified by Queens Police as Brian Chattoo, was arrested at his home in Richmond Hill on Friday according to CBS station WCBS. Chattoo is being charged with criminal possession of stolen property, and grand larceny, for allegedly stealing an iPhone from a woman’s pocket on Liberty Avenue on Monday. Police were able […]

Suspected Cupertino Quarry shooter killed by police

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Suspected Cupertino quarry shooter Shareef Allman was killed this morning in the Sunnyvale neighborhood, approximately five miles east of where the crime occurred. Three deputies, on routine patrol, encountered a man matching the suspected shooter’s description around 7:30 a.m. The officers opened fire after Allman hid behind a vehicle in a residential driveway, and threatened […]

Apple unveils iPhone 4s

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Sprint joins the ranks of the other iPhone carriersThe sudden resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple’s chief executive officer last August has led to months of speculation as to the direction of the company. At a press event on Tuesday, the technology giant left many anxious customers and fans disappointed by failing to deliver a […]

Father of three attacks teen after 'dying' in 'Call of Duty'

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Random and unnecessary violence is often considered the norm for an American society filled with road rage, gang violence, and murder. The British, on the other hand, are considered to be generally mild tempered. One father of three decided to put these generalizations to the test. Mark Bradford, a 46-year-old from Plymouth, England, apparently believes […]

Celeb haircuts signal the end of Justin Bieber

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Two of our country’s most beloved celebrities have spat in the face of “the Biebs” by chopping their bowl cuts. The New England Patriots suffered a massive blow last Sunday in their loss to the Buffalo Bills, but even more concerning is the breaking news that Tom Brady has finally cut his “I’m so good […]