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Amanda Holden Nearly Died Giving Birth

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Hollie Rose arrived on Monday by C-sectionAmanda Holden is no stranger to heartbreak, having suffered a late miscarriage in her last pregnancy. When she revealed she was pregnant again last year, the world was watching and hoping it would work out…and it has! Hollie Rose was born on Monday by Caesarean section, weighing 6lb 1oz. […]

Family faces eviction over two-year-old's crying

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Neighbours have complained that it sounds like an ‘over-revving motorcycle’A family in Worcestershire, UK, have been warned that they face eviction – if they can’t stop their two-year-old daughter from crying. Nicola Baylis, 23, and Tim Richold, 34, moved into their first-floor flat in December 2010, with their daughter Skye. They have now been issues […]

18-month-old toddler breastfeeds from a cow

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He’s done it twice a day since watching a calf do the sameMost 18-month-0ld toddlers are interested in animals, and full of questions – which is how Tha Sophat might have first seen a calf suckling milk from its mother. He’s taken his new knowledge to extremes, though – he now suckles from the cow […]

Worst childrens book ever hits the shelves

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Book aimed at 6 – 12 year old talks about dietingIt’s the book no-one ever wanted to see – A book about dieting aimed at young children. “Maggie Goes On A Diet’ has hit big retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and carries a suggested reading age of 6 to 12. The book […]

Mother gives birth to twins out of separate wombs

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She had no idea she had a double uterusRinku Devi knew that she was carrying twins, but it wasn’t until she went into labour that doctors noticed the twins were in separate wombs. This is extremely rare – Rinku has two uteruses, and conceived her children in successive menstrual cycles. This is a condition which is reported once per […]

Victoria releases gorgeous new pictures of Harper Seven!

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She’s cuddling up with daddy David in the snap.Victoria has tweeted a new picture of the newest celebrity newborn, and it’s absolutely adorable! Born almost a month ago, Harper is already showing off her good looks, and adorable fashion sense! She’s certainly got her Daddy’s eyes… Victoria tweeted the image along with the message; “I […]

Virginia Tech closed over gunman fears

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A gunman is reported to have been spotted at the college this morningVirginia Tech university has been placed under lockdown after three students reported seeing a gunman on university grounds. A bulletin on the universities website reads; “Person with gun reported near Dietrick. Stay inside. Secure doors. Emergency personnel reponding. Call 911 for help.” Dietrick […]

Australian bomb girl is now safe after 10 hour ordeal

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Police have successfully removed a collar bomb which was attached to her neckAustralian police have managed to successfully rescue an 18-year-old girl who was wearing a necklace bomb. The girl, whose identity has now been revealed as Madeleine Pulver, phoned the police after a man in a balaclava broke into the family’s home on Millionaire […]

Police discover teenage girl strapped with bomb in Australia

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Bomb experts are believed to be fighting to defuse the bomb, at a large mansion in SydneyAustralian police have found a teenage girl wearing a ‘collar bomb’ – explosives which are strapped around her neck. The 18-year-old girl was inside a mansion along a street known as ‘Millionaires Row’: it is being reported that a […]

Police smash car window to rescue lifelike doll

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The doll was left in a car on a hot day – causing police to take action.Police officers in Nottingham, England, have been left red faced after breaking into a car to save a baby they thought had been left in the car on a hot day…only to find that it was actually a lifelike […]

Indian Madeleine McCann sighting was fake

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Parents conclude that the child spotted wasn’t their daughterA possible sighting of missing Madeleine McCann in India had sparked fresh hope that she was alive and well. A British woman on vacation in the country reported spotting a girl who looked remarkably like Madeleine at a market in Northern India on Friday night. She was […]

Mum accused of faking mental illness after murdering her children

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Fiona Donnison “100% likely to be feining psychological problems”Fiona Donnison is accused of murdering her two children, 3 year old Elise and 2 year old Harry, after convincing herself her partner was having an affair. She had taken a large amount of a sleeping aid before attending a police station, where she handed herself in. […]

Chinese doctors remove 50cm sword from boys head

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Zhang Bin miraculously survives shock sword accidentZhang Bin, aged 15-years-old, said he invited a group of teenage boys to his house, and one bought the 50cm large sword with him. “Three classmates came to visit me at home and one of them bought a sword. He stood 3 – 4 metres away. I don’t know […]

Toddler dies after being strangled by blind cord

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3-year-old was in cot when she was found unconciousThe girl, who lived in Sydney, was in found unconscious in her cot by her father at 1pm on Friday. He rushed her to hospital, where she was placed on a life support machine. At 11.50am today, her life support machine was switched off, said a police spokesperson. […]

Celebrity Baby Boom: Selma Blair hits 18 days overdue and Spice Girls trade baby tips

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Ex-Spice Girls Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton reveal they share baby tips via email, after giving birth just weeks apartThere must be something in the water – Celebrity babies are everywhere! Selma Blair has hit an eye-watering 18 days overdue today – she was due to give birth three weeks ago, on July 4th. Despite […]

30 people feared dead after shooting in Oslo Children's Camp

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Man dressed as policeman shoots Children’s Camp after 7 die in Government building bombingA man dressed as a policeman has entered a youth camp is Oslo and killed an estimated 30 people, immediately after 7 died in a bomb attack on an Oslo Government building. The youth camp is located on an Island on the […]

Man rescues 4-month-old baby from drowning in river

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Passer-by sees pram rolling into YorkA 31-year-old woman, who has not been named, was pushing her baby girl near to Lendon Court in York, England, when she stopped to help her eldest child do up her coat. As she let go of the pram, it began to fall, and rolled into the river. 46-year-old David […]

Stressed Mums-to-be could cause behavioral problems and mental illness in infant

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Scientists find stress makes biological changes to a developing childScientists have discovered evidence that pregnant women who are under a large amount of stress may predispose their child to struggle to deal with stress themselves, or to suffer from behavioral problems or mental illness. The findings come from a small study of 25 women and […]

Man becomes Grandad at 29 – Is he the youngest grandad in the World?

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Britains youngest grandad says he is “absolutely delighted” to be a young grandadShem Davies, aged 29, had his daughter Tia when he was just 14-years-old. Tia has now given birth to her own child, Ava Grace, a week before her 15th birthday. Ava was born 10 weeks premature, and weighing less then 2lbs, but she […]

Staff make newborn mix up: Mums are given wrong infants to breastfeed

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An Australian hospital admits ‘human error’ after failing to ensure Mum’s are given the right babiesStaff at an Australian hospital have been left red-faced after it emerged that they gave two Mums the wrong babies. The babies had been in the hospital’s nursery on Thursday night, and were supposed to be taken back to their […]

David and Victoria reveal pictures of gorgeous baby Harper Seven

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David releases the first images of the new Beckham baby sharing cuddles with Mum and DadThe Beckhams have given the World the first glimpse of their long-awaited baby daughter Harper Seven, born a week ago. Victoria tweeted an adorable black-and-white photograph of dad David with Harper, who is well wrapped up and wearing a cute […]

Mum stabbed daughter, asked for a hug, and stabbed her again

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The woman was an ‘exceptionally good’ mother until the incident in which she tried to kill her 11-year-old daughterA woman who has not been named for legal reasons stabbed her daughter with a large knife before pausing to ask for a hug, and continuing to attack her, despite her daughter crying “I love you” throughout. […]

Woman who steals $40,000 has sentence adjourned to tell her children she's going to jail

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Sandra Hook repeatedly stole from Walsall Council, but a sympathetic judge postponed her sentence Sandra Hook used to be a council accountant, until it emerged that she had stole over $40,000  from the council by forging signatures to authorize payments which varied between $80 and $800, and never repaid any of the money. Hook cried […]

17-year-old British teen Louisa Ball is real sleeping beauty

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Louisa suffers from Kleine-Levin Syndrome, which disrupts the area of the brain controlling sleepLife for 17-year-old Louisa Ball is much different to most teens – Louisa regularly sleeps for a whole week out of each month. The ‘attacks’ started with flu-like symptoms, which left Louisa feeling very tired. She said she had a “bad cold, […]

Kate Hudson names new baby boy

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Kate and Matt choose unusual name ‘Bingham’Matt Bellamy has revealed the name him and fiance Kate Hudson have chosen on Twitter, just under a week after the baby was born. “So happy! Just had a baby boy, Bingham ‘Bing’ Hawn Bellamy. Mum and baby are strong and healthy. Mum was a warrior, Bing popped out […]