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Jessica is one of the co-creators of Imperfect Parent and contributor to the book anthology "The Imperfect Mom: Candid Confessions of Mothers Living in the Real World". Jessica is a mother of two boys, and is very tired.

Jessica Ridgeway murder: Teen suspect arrested

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A 17-year-old year old teenage boy has been apprehended for the murder and dismemberment of a 10-year-old Colorado girl, Jessica Ridgeway. Austin Reed Sigg was arrested late Tuesday night by Westminster Colorado Police. Jessica Ridgeway disappeared earlier this month, on her way to her elementary school. Police believe Ridgeway only got about a block away […]

Chicago family sues school board over child's abduction, rape

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A Chicago family is suing the Chicago Board of Education for failing to keep their daughter safe and reporting a witnessed abduction. The victim was a student at Cook Elementary on Chicago’s south side back in May. The family filed their lawsuit this week. The lawsuit claims that their daughter was abducted by a stranger, […]

Rumor has it Adele gave birth

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Sultry British singer, songwriter, Adele, was rumored on Monday to have given birth last Friday. While Adele has not confirmed the rumor, People Magazine reported that Adele did indeed have her baby last week, after announcing her pregnancy in early June. The baby is the first child for Adele, 24, and the second child for […]

8-year-old finds death threat in her desk

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An 8-year-old third grader in Mesa, Arizona, got quite a scare during a parent/teacher conference on Tuesday when she opened her desk a found a threatening message. Emma says she was very upset when she found a note that read, “To Emma. I will kill you. From Adam.” “I’m very uncomfortable, and I don’t really […]

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox welcome baby boy

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Megan Fox announced on Wednesday that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy on September 27. Fox revealed the name of the inheritor of lucky genes, Noah Shannon. Fox mad the announcement  posing, “He is healthy, happy, and perfect.” Fox, 26, is married to former Beverly Hills 90210 star, Brian Austin Green, 39. The child is the […]

Suburban Chicago school district cancels Halloween

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A suburban school district just outside of Chicago, announced on Tuesday night that they will be banning Halloween and all Halloween festivities for their students within the district. The school district decided to cancel Halloween because they think it’s not fair to the students who don’t celebrate Halloween. The Skokie-Morton Grove School District 69 argued […]

Florida enacts education goals based on race

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The Florida Department of Education is under intense criticism after they passed a plan last Tuesday establishing different academic goals based on one’s color of skin. The plan calls for goal setting based on race. The plan measures reading goals by demographics. The plan strives for a reading comprehension meeting or exceeding grade level in […]

Colorado police confirm body found was Jessica Ridgeway

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The Westminster, Colorado police held a press conference on Friday at 4 pm mountain time, officially confirming the identity of the body they recovered late Wednesday night as missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway. The Westminster Police spokesperson said that it was with great regret and sorrow in his heart that he had to make this announcement. […]

New Casey Anthony lawsuit alleges she's in cahoots with Nancy Grace

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A Pennsylvania woman, Naomi Riches, has recently filed a civil lawsuit against Casey Anthony, alleging that Anthony has supernatural powers over her, preventing her from using the bathroom properly as well as being in cahoots with Nancy Grace in some sort of elaborate cover up as one of the evil geniuses running the Illuminati. Riches […]

Adopted dog saves couple's newborn daughter

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A Connecticut family is praising their adopted mixed breed dog they rescued six years ago for saving the life of their newborn daughter on Sunday. Jenna Brousseau, the dog’s owner, says she and her husband were startled Sunday night when their dog “Duke” jumped onto their bed and started shaking so much, it woke the […]

iPad purchased at Walmart for teen's birthday stuffed with notepads, no iPad

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A Sealy, Texas mother wanted to surprise her 15-year-old daughter with an iPad for her birthday after she had diligently saved up for the luxury gift she knew her daughter desperately wanted. Bobbi Linden told KHOU that she and her husband went to her local Walmart to purchase the iPad for her daughter, Courtney Akers. The […]

Jessica Ridgeway: Sources say police have found her body

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Local media sources have confirmed on Thursday that Colorado police have found the body of missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway in a field a few miles from her home. Jessica had been missing since Friday. Jessica’s mother, Sarah Ridgeway, notified police on Friday afternoon, around 4 pm, that her daughter never reported to school that day. […]

School blamed for losing 6-year-old for 3 hours

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A 6-year-old Winter Springs, Florida, girl was found after she apparently wandered off from school earlier this week instead of going to the after-care program where she belonged. The girl’s mother found out that her daughter had been unaccounted for for nearly three hours. The child’s mother, Tiffany Roberts, said she went to pick up […]

Diaper costs may increase as diaper shortage assessed

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A weekend explosion at a Japanese chemical plant may result in a shortage on diapers in the upcoming months. Nippon Shokubai Co. in Himeji, Japan, is one of the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of acrylic acid, also called sodium polyacrylate.  These chemical absorbents are the clear little crystals used to hold liquids in most […]

Toddler falls asleep on pavement after man abandons her

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A 2-year-old toddler girl was found sleeping just outside a Kissimmee, Florida, store after closing, at around 3 am Monday morning. The toddler was reportedly left there by her mother’s boyfriend. Police had prior contact with the suspects in the case earlier that night when they responded to an unrelated criminal mischief call at a […]

Teen falls from water slide at Six Flags Los Angeles

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A 19-year-old teen was reportedly acting erratically and with poor judgement on Sunday when he cut to the front of the line of a very steep water slide at Six Flags, Los Angeles, California, and fell. Witnesses say the unidentified man was acting drunk as he muscled his way to the front of the line and […]

Father shoots and kills son who he thinks is intruder

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A New Fairfield, Connecticut, man is grieving today after shooting and killing his 15-year-old son whom he believed to be an intruder. Jeffrey Giuliano, a fifth grade teacher, was called upon by his sister at 1 am on Thursday morning, after she became concerned she was about to be robbed. Giuliano came over to investigate […]

Reese Witherspoon welcomes son

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Reese Witherspoon, 36, and talent agent husband, Jim Toth, welcomed their first child together on Wednesday, a baby boy named Tennessee James Toth. Witherspoon’s agent told E Online: “Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth welcomed Tennessee James into their family today. Both mom and baby are healthy and the entire family is thrilled.” Baby Tennessee […]

J.K. Rowling opens the door to another Harry Potter book

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Five years ago, J.K. Rowling basically said that she was done with the Harry Potter series and she wasn’t going to write another after the final seventh book was published, however, absence makes the heart grow fonder and now Rowling seems to be changing her tune, opening the door to a possible continuation of the series. Rowling, […]

Teen elected homecoming representative as joke gets last laugh

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For Whitney Kropp, 15, from West Branch Michigan, getting elected to Homecoming court this year at Ogemaw Heights High School was the thrill of her lifetime, that is until she discovered the nomination was a mean spirited joke put on by classmates intent on bullying her. Lucky for Kropp however, was a young man who […]

New York high schools giving teens morning after pills

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Thirteen New York City high schools are now offering morning after pills to their female students as young as 14-years-old. Parents were reportedly notified of the policy at the beginning of the year and given an option to opt out by signing a form. If parents decided not to sign the opt-out or failed to […]

Kansas toddler found padlocked inside home alone

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A three-year-old toddler girl was rescued on Thursday after a bounty hunter found the tot y herself while at the family’s home trying to capture her father for reportedly skipping bail. While the bail bondsman was unable to locate the girl’s father, he peered through the windows and saw the toddler by herself, surrounding by […]

Giving pacifiers to boys may decrease their emotional IQ

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Three recent studies published on Tuesday and conducted by the University of Wisconsin suggests that frequently giving baby boys pacifiers may lead to emotional delays and emotional development issues. Several tests were used to compile the results which pointed to a boys inability to appropriately read other people’s feelings. One such test was given to […]

New concerns over baby rice cereal and arsenic levels

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Consumer Reports has just released a study that finds an alarming amount of deadly arsenic in baby rice products. In light of the findings, consumer groups are pressuring the FDA to set guidelines and restrictions on arsenic levels in rice and rice cereals. While arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical element in the earth, elevated levels are […]

Laundry soap packet explodes, toddler could lose vision

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A Vancouver, Washington mother rushed her toddler son to the emergency room on Friday after he grabbed a laundry soap pack and squeezed it, causing the pack to explode in his face. The child’s mother, Cahterine Valach, says she had only turned her back for a moment when her son, Cartyr Jones, grabbeda  Purex Ultra-Pack […]