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Pennsylvania Toddler Dies of Common Ear Infection

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A Pennsylvania couple have been charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment after their toddler daughter died of a common ear infection according to the Press & Sun-Bulletin on June 11, 2015. Hope Elizabeth Delozier, 18 months old, was pronounced dead on March 23, 2015 after her father took her  to a local emergency room in […]

Consumer Reports: ‘Organic’ children’s mosquito repellent ineffective

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A trend towards more organic products to repel bugs may be more of a marketing gimmick than it is science based. Consumer Reports released a report about the effectiveness of mosquito repellent for both children and adults and the results found the most effective products were actually the safest but not necessarily organic, followed by products which […]

Facebook friends warn mom of toddler’s potential eye disease

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The risk of posting pictures of your kids online is the potential for busybodies to voice a well meaning, but sometimes misguided, concern. For a 3-year-old Memphis, Tenn. toddler, Rylee, those busybodies may have saved the tot’s eyesight. Friends of a proud mom who posted her daughter’s photo on Facebook urged her to get her […]

Man performs emergency c-section on porcupine after accident

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Jared Buzzell of Libson, Maine, was in the right place at the right time on Thursday when he spotted a porcupine in distress. Although Buzzell didn’t set out to perform heroic birthing duties that day, he found himself delivering a porcupine baby through pure happenstance. Buzzell was reportedly combing the roadside in Libson for wild […]

Mom punches skateboarder who accidentally runs into child

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A California skateboarder, estimated to be in his late teens/early twenties, was the victim of vigilante justice after he accidentally skated into a toddler in a public park last week. A You Tube video has gone viral after a bystander caught the skater running into the young child and then stopping to apologize while checking […]

Precious toddler bestows the virtues of vegetarianism on his mother (video)

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A video of a 3-year-old toddler, who is apparently mature-beyond-his-years, has a heart to heart discussion with his mother about animal cruelty and his preference to not eat animals in a viral video his mother posted about two weeks ago. The Portuguese speaking tot (video translated into English), actually brings tears to his mother’s eyes […]

Teen speak analyzed, duh (video)

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James Harbeck, a Linguist and Grammar expert, gives parents a useful tool in a new video which breaks down the dramatic expressions of teens, their origins and meaning. One such sound that we hear coming from the animal we call “teen” is auuggghhhh and uhhhhh, followed by an eyeroll. Much of their speech and sounds […]

Toddler falls asleep while driving mini jeep (video)

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An  adorable toddler is so overwhelmed and entranced by his new toy mini jeep, all the excitement renders the little guy thoroughly exhausted and pooped. The toddler’s father catches his sleepy son’s effort to stay awake at the wheel on camera. In the following video, we see Jonah driving around in circles while falling asleep, […]

9-year-old schools Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on school closings (video)

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Is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel smarter than a third grader? Watch 9-year-old Asean at a Chicago school rally on Sunday, taking to the podium to scold Mayor Emanuel on his decision to close several Chicago Public Schools for lack of funding. Asean isn’t very happy about that and pretty much tells Emanuel where he can shove his […]

Mom rescues baby from train tracks (video)

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A mother and baby were waiting on the platform of the West Philadelphia train station on Thursday when the stroller carrying the woman’s 14-month-old daughter slid down the platform and fell onto the train tracks. Survelliance cameras captured the scary event, as the stroller started drifting away from the mother, plummeting approximately six feet onto the tracks. […]

Student channels Spicoli while going off on teacher (video)

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In a cell phone video that went viral on Wednesday, a Duncanville High School student in Texas, went on a rant against his teacher, accusing her of failing to inspire students and teach them adequately. Jeff Bliss has become an Internet sensation after he offered his teacher some sage advice on how to motivate and […]

Toddler tells dad, 'worry about yourself' (video)

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So gosh-darn cute! A toddler puts her dad in his place after he offers her help buckle up her car seat. The precocious tot responds in such a way, it can only bring smiles and laughter to her father as he is ordered to “drive!” and “worry about yourself!” The youngster, August Rose, is the subject of […]

Girl in Texas fertilizer explosion video unharmed (video)

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The 12-year-old Texas girl seen in a viral video on Wednesday, inside her father’s truck, screaming as a nearby fertilizer plant exploded, joined her dad on the Today show Thursday morning, revealing she is okay. The young girl, Khloey, was heard yelling shortly after a blast rocked her father’s truck, on the video, “I can’t […]

Your children don't belong to you, controversial video

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Progressive commentary cable news channel MSNBC has raised some eyebrows after one of their hosts, Melissa Harris-Perry, went on record last week, in a promotional soundbite, suggesting that Americans need to get over the notion that child rearing is a process which should be left to the discretion of the parents. Harris-Perry wants parents to […]

Toddler dubbed 'bedtime bandit' after he executes theft (video)

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A toddler boy dubbed the “bedtime bandit”, used an innovative way to break into his sister’s room and steal her prized possession — a bunny pillow pet. The resourceful baby used a nail clipper to break into his sister’s room. The little guy’s parents captured video of the tot carefully engineering and executing his plan […]

Toddler uses naptime to hone stunt double skills (video)

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One couple got a pretty hysterical treat when they looked in on their baby using a baby monitor and found their son Jude doing stunts in his crib instead of taking a nap. Jude, who just turned 2, (we like to call him “stunt baby”) seems to be more interested in screwing around than taking […]

Teen falls from ski lift (video)

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A 17-year-old boy who was skiing in Sante Fe, N.M. found himself dangling from his ski lift when he fell off it, sending him 45 feet onto snow covered, rough terrain. The accident occurred sometime earlier this month. The teen was reportedly trying to throw a snowball at this friends lift when he slipped and […]

6-year-old maced in revenge attack on father (video)

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A 6-year-old child was maced over the weekend in a vicious assault on the child and her father by a woman’s angry boyfriend who believed the man slighted his girlfriend. The alleged attacker, Fernando Gonzalez, approached the victims, Derrick Dunn and his young daughter in a laundro0mat after Gonzalez’ girlfriend reportedly called him and told  […]

Baby piglet gets around with piggy wheelchair (video)

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A one month old pig who was born with a birth defect depriving him use of his hind legs got a life changing gift from a veterinarian who made the baby pig a makeshift wheelchair from toy parts. So what did the vet name a pig with his amount of moxie?: “Chris P. Bacon”. Dr. […]

Toddler lies about going on sugar binge (video)

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An adorable toddler boy, about 3-years-old, gets caught binging on cupcake sprinkles but flat out denies it; all the while his mother is filming the “sprinkle-gate” interrogation. The boy’s mom puts the youngster on trial, trying to coax the baby in to admitting his sugar thievery but the boy stays true to his denial. Even […]

Baby held down, forced to get painful tattoo (video)

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A video of a Cuban toddler boy, who appears to be about 18 months old, is causing an Internet firestorm after a video surfaced on Sunday, showing the baby being held down by his mother as a tattoo artist proceeds to give the baby a tattoo. Comments on the video show the public admonishing the […]

You might be a homeschooler if…(video)

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Homeschooling teens poke fun at homeschooling teens. While some of the references went over our head (byproduct of a public education), we got a kick out of the homage to 40-something parents who remember “Zoom”. C’mon and Zooooom. Come on and Zooma-zooma-zoom-ah-zoom. Anyone? Anyone? We thought it was super cute and kind of disturbing at […]

Amazing: Teens create live version of 'Toy Story' (video)

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Two teenagers, Jonason Pauley, 17, and Jesse Perotta, 18, have miraculously gone through the painstaking effort of recreating a monumental and completely live version of “Toy Story”. The entire movie is available on You Tube. The teens are said to have borrowed hundreds of props from family and friends and used live children actors to reenact the movie in its […]

'Fall and I'll catch you' goes horribly wrong (video)

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Was it the fault of the teacher or the student? A case of over-confidence, too much trust or brain damage? Lots of questions, but few answers. Whatever the reason, the result is hilarious and makes us thankful for You Tube. Kids are funny because kids do dumb things. (How pummeled do you think Lauren got […]

Ballad of Honey Boo Boo lyrics (video)

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Brad Paisley poked fun at “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” on Wednesday night when he went along with an ingenious parody theme song about the popular reality TV show. Paisley premiered his “Ballad of Honey Boo Boo” video, staring the “you betta red-neck-ognize” child beauty pageant star, Alana Thompson, aka Honey Boo Boo and her […]