Road rage incident: Pack of bikers beat father in front of wife, baby

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Alexian Lien, 33, allegedly beaten by motorcyclists in New York on Sunday as his wife and baby looked on. Photo via Facebook.

Alexian Lien, 33, allegedly beaten by motorcyclists in New York on Sunday as his wife and baby looked on. Photo via Facebook.

A father driving a newer Range Rover SUV was assaulted by a pack of angry motorcyclists in New York on Sunday afternoon, after the victim got caught in the middle of dozens of bikers, resulting in his accidentally tapping the back of one of the motorcycle’s fenders with his vehicle, or so he claims.

The incident resulted in a subsequent chase by the mob of angry motorcyclists, who chased the family over a span of 50 blocks of highway and city streets.

Alexian Lien, 33, claims through a family spokesperson that he accidentally tapped one of the motorcyclists fenders after dozens of motorcycles converged upon his vehicle. Lien says the drivers were “driving erratically.”

After Lien lightly hit one of the motorcyclists, one of the cyclists became angry and started messing with Lien’s vehicle. Lien had his wife and 2-year-old todddler in the car at the time.


A cyclists then proceeded to cut off Lien’s vehicle in what appears to be an effort to try to intimidate Lien.

Lien reportedly got spooked by the incident and made a move to try to flee, running over several motorcycles in the process.

The enraged bikers then set off in hot pursuit of the Lien’s SUV, following them for 50 blocks before Lien pulled off an exit and got stuck in New York traffic. The cyclists then got off their bikes and proceeded to smash the Lien’s windows in with their helmets, all while Lien’s wife and baby sat helpless.

There are conflicting reports as to what happened next. Some reports say that the angry mob pulled Lien from his vehicle and then beat him, others say that Lien took off by foot and was chased down by the mob and then beaten.

According to Find Law, Lien suffered two black yes and numerous puncture wounds to his face and chest.

Although rumors surfaced that the beating was in retaliation for Lien running over one of the motorcyclists and killing him, the New York Police Department says there is no evidence that anybody was harmed by Lien.

According to the New York Post, no arrests have been made, but police are continuing to investigate. Lien reportedly called 911 while he was being chased by the motorcycle club attendees. A clue as to the affiliation of the riders came from a patch on one of the rider’s jackets that read New Rochelle Motorcycle Club and Front Line Soldiers Motorcycle Club.

The motorcyclists apparently organized this particular ride though a blog called Hollywood Stunts, reports the NY Post.

One of the cyclists recorded the chase on his helmet mounted camera, capturing footage of the chase up until the point when the cyclists smashed the SUV’s windows. The video appears to stop right before the alleged beating occurred.

View the motorcycle mob video here:


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  • lindacookltd

    Interesting how the motorcycle camera stops just as they start to break this guy’s windows. If I was in this man’s situation, I’d do whatever I needed to attempt to save my family also, including rolling over their bikes. It was self-defence at that point. How frightening for him and his family! The behavior of these bikers is that of a gang and should be treated as such. Even if the driver of ths SUV hit one of the bikers, they had his vehicle discription and license number on film… let law enforcment handle it. They all attacked as a group, encited the violence… I think they should all be charged.

  • Grace

    Your headline is misleading. The driver paralyzed another motorcyclist by running him over with range rover, after he rear ended another man, and THEN he was beat by the bikers. I have witnessed a good friend be paralyzed in a freak accident. If my brother was ran over by a crazed driver and paralyzed, I would go after that driver and be enraged too. I have nightmares and daytime nightmares about that horrible accident to this day. My heart will never heal from witnessing the suffering of my friend and watching him in a moment, lose his ability to walk. Until you know someone who is paralyzed, or have witnessed a loved one be paralyzed…you will never understand the pain and rage his fellow bikers must have felt after that driver knowingly drove over their brother with his car and paralyzed him. I am so sorry for the biker and his family. Please try to get into research stem cell trials.
    There were many wrongs in this situation but nothing ever justifies running over and paralyzing a man. Alexien Lien played the judge, jury and God and decided to take away a man’s ability to walk because he was “scared” after he rear ended another motorcycle. Nothing justifies paralyzing a man. Alexien Liens excuse is that he was scared? I bet the man he paralyzed was terrified as he was ran over, and instantly lost feeling and control of his legs as his spinal cord was severed. This is a sick situation and Alexien Lien is not a victim. No one deserves to be paralyzed. NO ONE. I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

    • ListenGRACE

      Obviously… the man who is now paralyzed should have been dead. YES… being scared for ur wife and child does justify for running people over. Actually… i would argue that the biker put himself in front of the car.. he also made a choice that morning that he was going to ride a motorcycle. Which means he was already putting himself in grave danger. SERIOUSLY! get ur head straight. UR friend, i sympathize for.. but sympathizing for a man who made all these reckless choices is NOT right. Would it made u happier if this whole family was terrorized, dead or raped by this gang of bikers. WOULD U finally be able to see who the real victims are. U really need to stop mixing up the two cases. THAT biker is NOT ur friend. Him and his friends made a choice to illegally get on the road with bikes, mess with drivers and later beat a father/husband in front of his family. AND dont think a 2 year old cant or wont remember. SHAME on u!