Mom punches skateboarder who accidentally runs into child

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Skateboarder gets served by ticked off mother. Screen shot via You Tube.

Skateboarder gets served by ticked off mother. Screen shot via You Tube.

A California skateboarder, estimated to be in his late teens/early twenties, was the victim of vigilante justice after he accidentally skated into a toddler in a public park last week.

A You Tube video has gone viral after a bystander caught the skater running into the young child and then stopping to apologize while checking to see if the baby was okay. The gesture wasn’t good enough for the tot’s mother however. She took matters into her own hands and the youngster starting crying, she walked over to the skater and with a clenched fist, lobbed a targeted punch into the guy’s face.

The video shows another man running towards the child to check on him as he lies there crying. The man¬†¬†picks up the child and the skater can be heard saying, “Sorry man.”

The mother then walks over to the skater and repeatedly asks, “You ran into my son? You didn’t see him?” The woman then proceeds to throw and one-two punch.


Moral of the story — do not make mama bear angry.

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  • Matthew Carothers

    Minor correction, this happened in a Public SKATEPARK! This mother allowed her toddler to run around unsupervised with no helmet or any other kind of protection in a SKATEPARK! I hope she gets identified (not publicly) so child services can have a talk with her about responsible parenting and also about her apparent impulse control problem.

  • Karen Eileen

    If anyone deserved to be punched, it was the mother. It is pretty obvious in the video that the four-year old boy was standing in the middle of a skateboard park when the accident happened. It is fairly safe to say that she wasn’t paying attention to her child whatsoever, judging by the time it took her to realize something happened. I am not impressed with how she did not even glance at her child, who was being comforted by a stranger, to attack the other kid, who in my eyes, was more concerned about the possibility that the 4 year old might have been hurt than the mother was.

  • Kevin

    Oh yah, real responsible adult, let your toddler run around a skate park without a helmet like matthew said and then you proceed to assault the kid who was checking on the child. I hate to say it but I hope someone knocks that bitch out cuz next time she might not be so lucky, that could of been your kid being kidnapped, you irresponsible bitch.

  • peviuulck1990

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