Parents sue hospital for ‘medically unnecessary’ sex assignment of infant

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Boy born with both sex organs had boy parts removed as infant, parents now suing. Photo via

Boy born with both sex organs had boy parts removed as infant, parents now suing. Photo via

The adoptive parents of an 8-year-old South Carolina boy are suing the Medical University of South Carolina, Greenville Hospital System and the South Carolina Department of Social Services because they say the hospital and DSS acted irresponsibly and inhumanely when they chose the sex assignment of their adopted son and surgically removed his male reproductive organs in 2006.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday morning in federal court in Charleston.

At the time, the child was almost a year old when he had the sex assignment surgery. He was in the custody of the Department of Social Services at the time. Doctors chose to remove his male genitalia because he was born with a rare condition called ovotesticular disorder of sexual development (OT-DSD). The disorder is also known as hermaphroditism, where a baby is born with ovaries and testicles, a rare intersex condition.

According to The Post and Courier, the infant was taken from his biological mother because she was deemed “unfit” and his father had abandoned him. The baby, who was surgically decided upon to be a girl by his physicians, was adopted by Mark and Pam Crawford who now claim the doctors made the wrong choice.

The baby they adopted as a girl clearly identifies with a male gender, his parents say.

The Crawfords feel the hospital stole the child’s right to decide for himself which gender he identified with. The surgery is irreversible.

Pam Crawford said of the lawsuit, “His choice has been taken from him. It’s too late for our child. We want it to stop for other children.”



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