Report: Kidnap victim Michelle Knight needs reconstructive surgery

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Michelle Knight, kidnapping victim, suffers from hearing loss and will need reconstructive surgery. Photo via Facebook.

Michelle Knight, kidnapping victim, suffers from hearing loss and will need reconstructive surgery. Photo via Facebook.

Michelle Knight, one of the three women who have been held captive in Ariel Castro’s basement for the last ten years, is reportedly still recovering in a Cleveland hospital after allegedly sustaining some serious injuries while in captivity reported her grandmother on Thursday.

Michelle Knight, who has been a prisoner in Castro’s home longer than the other two women, Amanda Berry, 28, and Gina DeJesus, 23, who joined her one and four years later respectively, was reportedly chained and bound for many years in a basement until Castro started giving her a little more freedom after being beaten into submission. Knight disappeared in 2002, when she was 22-years-old. She is now 32-years-old.

Knight’s grandmother, Deborah Knight, told WOIO TV that Knight was beaten so badly, she is hardly recognizable.

Deborah Knight said, “When she was severely beaten, he had beat her so bad in the face, she has to have facial reconstruction, and she’s lost hearing in one ear.”


Knight reportedly had five miscarriages after she was abducted and imprisoned by Castro. According to Fox News, the miscarriages were a result of Castro starving Knight for two weeks and repeatedly punching her in the stomach.

Knight also reportedly told police that when Amanda Berry, who joined Knight in captivity in 2003, got pregnant, she was forced to help deliver the baby with a warning from Castro. Castro allegedly told Knight that if the baby died, he would beat her to death. Knight said she had to issue CPR to the infant to prevent the baby from dying. That baby is now 6-years-old and was with her mother, Amanda Berry, when a neighbor helped her escape.

Knight is reportedly also being treated for severe anxiety.

UPDATE: Michelle Knight was reportedly released from the hospital, late Friday afternoon. Her whereabouts have not been disclosed because she wishes to undergo her healing process in private.

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  • Rembot

    Reread the lead paragraph in this important story. Doesn’t anyone proof copy before it’s posted? Or edit it?

  • James Michael Stallings

    The grandmother needs reconstructive surgery?

  • It’s also a one-sentence paragraph. Pathetic.

  • John Q. Public

    Please make this a speedy trial and execute this monster quickly. Let’s not drag this out for years – that is not fair to the victims… our prayers for the victims…

  • cmv

    Unbelievable on how poorly this was written.

  • Bill the Cat

    “Knight is also apparently suffering from severe anxiety.” No, you think? What kind of shoddy article writing is this???? Is there a such thing as a proof reader or editor or anything anymore?

  • please kill this piece of human social sewage.

  • MasseyTom247

    This is the reason that the death penalty exists. It is important that the victims know that this monster is dead. Michelle Knight needs the peace of being able to poke his carcass with a stick to make sure it is really dead. A person that mixes violence and sex in their mind is a danger to everyone, and can never be reformed. Bad wiring. Vengeance and compassion are reserved to God, but this man needs to be permanently eliminated.

  • GamesZone.GE

    Give me that mtf**ker Catsro and I with great plsr castrate him so that no modern surgery will help him!!! Stink in prison with Big Bad Daddys! You as*hole!

  • Carol R

    I believe that he will receive his due punishment in prison. Inmates have a tendency to seriously hate child molesters and rapists for a good reason…..many of them have children and wives that they care deeply about, and creeps like Ariel Castro drive it home to them just how vulnerable their loved ones are.