Craziest baby name trends of 2012

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Most popular boys and girls names of 2012, including biggest trends. Photo via Ivette Ferrero.

Most popular boys and girls names of 2012, including biggest trends. Photo via Ivette Ferrero.

The social security administration released their list of most popular baby names of 2012 on Thursday, which included a long list of some bizarre, presumptuous and pop culture references in wide array of traditional names and emerging baby trend names.

Most notable were the names given the honor of “fasted rising baby names” in 2012.

The number one, fastest growing girl’s name last year was Arya. We’re wondering if its popularity was derived from the highly popular, HBO, middle ages fantasy drama, “Game of Thrones”. Arya Stark is the daughter of the beloved protagonist from the first season, Ned Stark. And she’s pretty bad ass too.

Skipping to third fastest rising girl’s baby name, Catalina. Yep, same as the salad dressing.

On the list of fastest rising names for boys, number one is Major. The name had its height of popularity in the 1880s and has very slowly been gaining popularity again since 2000. Although rare, there are few famous Majors, including Major Garrett, current CBS White House correspondent and Major Wright, a NFL strong safety for the Chicago Bears.

The most shocking on the “fastest rising” list however, is under the boy’s column, coming in at number 4 is Messiah. Now that’s presumptuous.

Our personal favorite however, Maverick for a boy, because it’s all about independence and Marilyn for a girl, because it’s a classic and deserves to be resurrected.

Top baby names for girls in 2012

1. Sophia

2. Emma

3. Isabella

4. Olivia

5. Ava

6. Emily

7. Abigail

8. Mia

9. Madison

10. Elizabeth

Top baby names for boys in 2012

1. Jacob

2. Mason

3. Ethan

4. Noah

5. William

6. Liam

7. Jayden

8. Michael

9. Alexander

10. Aiden

Fastest-rising names for girls in 2012

1. Arya

2. Perla

3. Catalina

4. Elisa

5. Raelynn

6. Rosalie

7. Haven

8. Raelyn

9. Briella

10. Marilyn

Fastest-rising names for boys in 2012

1. Major

2. Gael

3. Jase

4. Messiah

5. Brantley

6. Iker

7. King

8. Rory

9. Ari

10. Maverick

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