Michigan teen held captive inside make shift torture chamber for 4 years

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Susan Bardo, 46, and boyfriend Curt Pellnino arrested after teen boy was found in makeshift torture chamber. Mug shot via xyz Police Dept.

Susan Bardo, 46, and boyfriend Carl Pellinen arrested after teen boy was found in makeshift torture chamber. Mug shot via Escanaba Police Dept.

A 15-year-old boy was found on Thursday, after he reportedly had been held captive by his mother and her boyfriend for at least four years inside a makeshift attic room in Michigan.

The boy’s mother, Susan Bardo, 46, and boyfriend, Carl Pellinen, were arrested on Thursday, charged with torture, child abuse and sexual assault.

According to Fox News, neighbors said they were unaware a child had been living at the residence.

According to Escanaba Police, the boy was kept in a room in the attic, which had tarps stapled to the walls and floor. The only heat available was from a space heater. The boy was only allowed to go as far as the stairs at times he was given food. The teen had apparently never been enrolled in school.


Police were alerted to the boy’s possible confinement after a relative called police, claiming they had not seen the boy in a long time.

Police say when they found the boy locked in the attic, he was really scared.

The boy has been placed in Children and Family Services custody while police attempt to locate his biological father.


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  • Kat Dunn

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  • angelina sanders

    People need to treated the way that the treated there abused kids and we how it fells to be toutered beaten starved and sexualy asulted

  • mamabird

    I would be scared to death just having to look at that couple every day…Seems that would be child abuse in itself….

  • Jacklunchbox

    My feeling is humane euthanasia would be good for society.