Your children don't belong to you, controversial video

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Melissa Harris-Perry is your child’s parent too, or so she wishes to be.

Progressive commentary cable news channel MSNBC has raised some eyebrows after one of their hosts, Melissa Harris-Perry, went on record last week, in a promotional soundbite, suggesting that Americans need to get over the notion that child rearing is a process which should be left to the discretion of the parents.

Harris-Perry wants parents to know — children belong to all of us and should be collectively raised and not be left to the discretion of the parents.

Harris-Perry also decries inadequate education funding, saying, “We have never invested as much in public education as we should have.”

Harris-Perry is shown in the “lean forward” promo piece, espousing the idea that children are parent’s responsibility, almost scolding parents for thinking that their kids are theirs.


“So, part of this is we have to break through this “private idea” of ‘kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families’ and recognize that kids belong to whole communities’,” said Harris-Perry.

Harris-Perry proposed agenda promotes the idea of “collective” child rearing (and raising) and suggests that such forward thinking parental philosophy will yield “better investments” as the majority get to play a role in the outcome of your child’s values.

What do you think? Should all kids be collective wards of the state, with decision making powers handed over to the “collective”?

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  • jojo dclown

    Stalin and Mao pushed the idea that children belong to the State, because “they’re our future”. Somebody needs to check this lady out, if she still has all her marbles…

    • Guest

      she meant we should treat a any child with care as if it was our own. If everyone would do this probably there would be a lot less child abuse and neglect cases. If people would dare to intervene and care regardless of whose child it is. And it is true. The children born now will be the future and our legacy. We should nurture and protect them so that the future will be brighter, not the dissappointment it is. What she’s saying is real. It’s just that you are unable to understand. I, at least, do not wish to become the model of the old bitter person complaining of the young generations forgeting mine is the one who has forged them.