High school students join forces to stop bullying of special needs classmate

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Sean-Michael Warner, sophomore, sticks up for special needs classmate and helps stops her harassment. Screen shot via KPTV.

A special needs high school student at David Douglas High School in Portland, Oregon, had classmates come to her aid when a few fellow students put their foot down and reported the bully to the school.

The victim, who classmates say is highly sensitive to sounds and is likely Autistic, was harassed by a bully outside her home. The bully then posted a video of the taunt to Facebook. In the video, the girl is ambushed while the bullies start to make annoying sounds while invading the victim’s personal space. The bullies also call the victim names and mock her.

Fellow students, who say they call the victim a friend, saw the video and decided to act in solidarity to shut down the video and report it to the proper school authorities.

The video has since been removed from Facebook.


One such honorable student was high school sophomore Sean-Michael Warner who said, “I mean, that’s the kind of stuff that makes people want to kill themselves, being teased like that.”

Another student, Brittany Feroben, a senior, said, “[S]eeing people get picked on, especially the mentally ill, it wasn’t OK.” Feroben said she had faith in her fellow students that a lot of kids would report the video.

Warner told KPTV that he was “surprised to see how many people stood up against it.”

Warner said he appreciated all the kids who came together to stick up for the victim.

Warner also added, “I hope they get kicked out of the David Douglas School District. I don’t want kids like that coming to this high school. That’s not cool.”


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  • Brandy

    My 4 yr old son gets bullied at daycare. Kicked in the face, punched in the face a few times and talked about at pre school. My son is not small he actually very big and very strong. He is 50 lbs and in a boys 6/8. Solid no fat. He uses his words very well and strongly “Don’t do that!” “I don’t like that!” One time I thought if he hit him back once he wouldn’t be bullied again. I am against violence and don’t want to teach him to hit but it upsets me. Especially because he is big, they just do it am make him cry. I afraid that if he were to hit back he would really hurt someone with his strength and anger. I still think he is doing right but it just makes me so sad. At Pre School, the teacher said “oh the other kids know how to act around him.” Which also made me sad. I heard a girl tell her mom, after saying hi to my son and he kinda growled and looked away, “That’s Tyson he is really weird” twice and waited for the mom to say that’s not nice or let’s not talk about others that way, and she didn’t. It took all I had to pull the mother aside but I didn’t. His therapist said it doesn’t bother him so don’t let it bother me. Surely he hears it, he has super sensitive hearing. Makes me sad. Although he is 2 classes ahead and was 3 when the other kids were 5 and he is top in his class. It’s a very good school and gets therapy there and we don’t have to pay tuition. I don’t know what to do or maybe were doing right. These kids need educated. I have since taken him out of the daycare since they don’t listen to what I say and there is no structure. Any thoughts?