13-month-old Antonio Santiago shot in head, suspect's family members arrested

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Karimah Elkins (left) and Katrina Elkins (right) are family members of De’Marquise Elkins, 17, who was arrested for allegedly shooting baby in the head. Mug shots via Glynn County Police Department.

The  mother and aunt of the 17-year-old Georgia teen accused of shooting 13-month-old Antonio Santiago while he slept in his stroller, have been arrested in connection with the case, with police accusing them of lying.

Police say that De’Marquise Elkins, the teen who reportedly pushed a mother aside and shot her baby point blank when she failed to hand over cash that she didn’t have, had family members who allegedly lied to police about De’Marquise’s involvement.

Police also say that the suspect’s mother, Karimah Elkins, 36, and the suspects aunt, Katrina Elkins, 33, gave the police misinformation about where the gun was dumped and the aunt provided the media with a false alibi for De’Marquise. Katrina Elkins reportedly told the media that her nephew couldn’t have killed Antonio Santiago because he was at her house having breakfast when the shooting occurred.

Police have not said exactly what De’Marquise’s mother lied about, only that she made several inconsistent statements.


Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said that De’Marquise’s mother provided the police with new information as to where the murder weapon was ditched. Police found a handgun at a pond where Karimah Elkins led police which has been handed over to the lab for testing, to confirm whether or not it was used in the slaying of baby Antonio.

Both Karimah Elkins and Katrina Elkins have been arrested and charged with lying to authorities.

According to News 4 JAX, both women posted bond but Katrina Elkins, the suspect’s aunt, was being held post-bond for an outstanding warrant.

Another suspect in the shooting, 15-year-old Dominique Lang, was also arrested. Both suspects appeared in court on Monday.

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  • Darkness_Begins

    Looking at the facts in the case, there is nothing that De’Marquise’s attorney can say or do that will help his client. All the legal attacks against the mother is not going to help his client because the bullets that hit the pastor, the mother, and the baby came from the same gun that his 19-year-old sister threw in the pond. Bullets carry the finger prints of the gun that fired them. I would tell his attorney, “Riddle me that.”

    The police probably found De’Marquise’s finger prints on the gun after they took it out of the salt water pond. The police found flash powder on his clothing and hands which shows he was the shooter. His friend is going to turn evidence against him to get a reduced sentence. Those pictures of his gang affiliations and his tattoos is going to convince the jury he is not a good person. There is store video of both of them together, so Dominique’s lawyer won’t be able to say they didn’t know each other.

    The big question is who owns the gun that he used in the killing. Was the gun stolen in a burglary? Is the gun registered to a relative? Was the gun bought off the streets illegally? The serial number on the gun will tell police who owns the gun. The prosecution could bring theft charges for a stolen gun, or he could charge the owner for allowing someone under age to have possession of the gun.

    One of his relatives is a corrupt public official who was trying to intimidate witness from coming forward by showing his presence outside of court.

    The grandfather was saying in court, in a sincere way, that he was innocent, but at the same time the grandfather knew that his granddaughter had thrown the gun in a salt water pond. He should have told the judge where the gun was hidden while he was pleading with so much sincerity.

    I think the grandfather wanted to convince the judge to let De’Marquise out on bond, so he can help him escape on a fishing boat to Cuba. Cuba has a history of letting people ask for political asylum without extraditing them.

    Nobody with two attempted murder convictions and one murder conviction of a baby, who is facing life in prison is going to stay quietly at home on bond, he’s going to take a speed boat to Cuba.

    De’Marquise’s mother, aunt, and sister were fighting for a looser that ruined their lives. The worst part is that all their personal belongs will be tossed into the streets by the landlord, so the trash man can take them. People in the hood are going to rummage through their things stealing shoes, pots and pan, dishes, pencils, clothing, De’Marquise’s stolen merchandise from burglaries, family pictures, and furniture full of cat hairs. The sister was in court banging her head on the table because she knows that her belongings would be thrown in the trash and her neighbors would steal her MP3 player with all her songs, her earrings, her new purse she bought, and her television set and her brother is responsible for getting them into trouble.