Texas Rep. draws ire from breastfeeding moms over Facebook post

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State Representative makes breastfeeding moms angry with her comment. Photo via sxc photo.

A Republican Texas State Representative has angered many breastfeeding moms after she posted her opposition to a bill which would make it illegal to question or challenge a mother’s right to breastfeed in public or anywhere she chooses.

State Rep. Debbie Riddle (R) said in her Facebook page on Tuesday:

“Legislative Update – House Bill 1706 was brought before a House Committee today – it is about breast feeding. Now, I am all in favor of breast feeding – however it is important for women to be modest while feeding their baby – and most women are modest and respectful. But, a bill that would allow for law suits if one “interfered” with a woman breast feeding is really going a bit far. If a business owner objects to a woman who is not being modest then be fearful of a law suit is government out of control. Most of our laws and bills being considered for law would not be necessary if people would simply be considerate and thoughtful of others. Needless to say – I am not supporting this bill.”

After the comment drew almost a thousand angry responses from breastfeeding advocates, Riddle removed the post.


Some of the angry responses included a woman with the initials JS saying, “I just moved to Texas, and this really saddens me that a woman would be against this bill. That opens the door for hostility towards a woman simply trying to feed her child. I ask you to try eating with a blanket over your head. My son doesn’t like it and neither would you. I can still be modest without a cover.”

Another commenter with the initials SJ said, “You obviously never nursed a child.”

And yet another commenter with the initials KMP said, “[W]hats the point in a law if someone doesn’t get punished for breaking it?? it kinda makes it pointless because there are no repercussions if its broken! breastfeeding women face enough problems without people harassing them because they need to feed a hungry baby! ”

The comment has since been removed from the Representative Facebook page.


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