Demi Moore wants Ashton Kutcher to pay alimony

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Demi Moore is finally ready for divorce but wants Ashton Kutcher to pay up. Photo public domain.

Almost a year and half and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split, Moore has finally filed agreed to end their six year marriage on Thursday, March 7.

The timing comes shortly after celebrity gossip sites said that Mila Kunis, 29, Ashton’s current main squeeze, was starting to complain to Kutcher about him being still legally married to Moore.

According to Show Biz Spy, Kunis threatened Kutcher that if he didn’t end his May to December marriage to Demi Moore, 50, she was taking off.

Both Moore and Kutcher accused each other of stalling the divorce process, although Kutcher, 35, was the first to file for divorce in Dec. 2012.

Now, Us Magazine is reporting that Moore filed the divorce papers with some contentious requests. Moore apparently wants Kutcher to pay her spousal support and pay her attorney fees as well. Moore is also alleging that Kutcher was a big lying cheat who had affairs with women during their marriage. Moore also alleged that Kutcher told women that he and Moore were separated while they were still very much married.

Ashton Kutcher, who currently stars in “Two and Half Men” is worth a reported $140 million according to Celebrity Net Worth and Demi Moore is worth an estimated $150 million. Both Moore and Kutcher listed the official reason for their split as irreconcilable differences.

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