Casey Anthony reportedly broke, files for bankruptcy

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Casey Anthony files for bankruptcy, says she’s moving on. Photo via photobucket.

Casey Anthony filed for bankruptcy on Friday, claiming she is in debt to the tune of nearly $800,00.

TMZ reported that the Anthony filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Friday in Tampa, Fla.. Anthony said in the filing that she has no income and owes a half million dollars to defense attorney Jose Biaz. Anthony also cited debts of $145k to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and almost 70k to the IRS. In all, Anthony provided a list of nearly 100 people and companies that she owes money to. Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony were also listed as creditors. Anthony’s assets were listed as less than $1,100.00.

The filing comes the same day authorities threw out two of her convictions for lying to them in 2008, when Anthony led police and detectives on a wild goose chase after her toddler daughter went missing. The body of Anthony’s daughter, Caylee, wound up being found just blocks from where Anthony lived in the fall of 2008, with her parents. Anthony was later found not guilty of murdering her daughter in July 2011, even with a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence pointing to her guilt.

Anthony reportedly told WESH 2 News Orlando that the bankruptcy filing was in effort to move on.


Anthony said of the bankruptcy, “These are the things holding me back. This is the key for me.”

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