Teens trying new, dangerous drug called 'Molly'

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‘Molly’ — a new drug containing meth that teenagers are getting hooked up with at parties. Photo public domain.

A tiny little pill has started to surface at high school parties throughout the U.S., posing a huge threat to teens who can easily pop the pill without much thought.

The pill known at party scenes as “Molly” (also known as the compressed powder form of MDMA) is being billed as a completely pure drug, leading young people to believe that it doesn’t cause harm or contain harmful chemicals. The pill is really a mixture of several illegal substances, with its main ingredient being methamphetamine.

The pill has been widely sung about in rap songs, with U.S. emergency rooms seeing a 5-fold increase in the number of emergency visits resulting from the drug since 2004.

A college student told FOX 29 that he and his peers typically take it by dropping it in to a water bottle.


Police are now warning parents that the pill can cause brain damage and even lead to organ failure. Short term use of the drug can cause the body to overheat and drinking alcohol can further increase the risk of dehydration. FOX 29 also reports that the drug is hugely popular among mainstream kids in the suburbs with its ease of distribution.

Teens are even taking to online forums to convince their peers that it’s non habit forming and describing the experience from Molly as “euphoric”.


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  • They’re not new. I took Mollys as a 15 year old 14 years ago in high school. They are extacy with meth in them. Sad to see these things are still around. I don’t know how im still alive after taking so many.

    • Envy

      You didn’t die because its not dangerous…

  • forumula_freddy

    Impure, dangerous bunk is what you get when there is prohibition. It was the same during alcohol prohibition. Prohibition = harm escalation.

  • Locutus

    There’s also a new trend in cities, where young people are smoking a new form of cocaine called “crack”.

  • Envy

    Also, the main ingredient being methylamphetamine? Is this a joke? The main ingredient is a semi-synthetic drug called MDMA that has been around since the the early 1900’s.

    MDMA =/= Methylamphetamine.

    If you can’t understand that than I suggest you take a class of basic organic chemistry to get it through your ignorant skulls.

  • Matti from Finland

    You must be kidding, right? It’s 21st century, so it’s pretty obivous that you’re getting caught if you’re trying to bs people 🙂

  • Thanatopsis

    Apparently Elliot Carmichael has been living under a rock for quite some time.

  • Nick

    2 mistakes in 1st paragraph.. 4 in the second..

    The drug does not cause you to dehydrate and overheat.. dance around like an idiot for 24 hours without stopping to drink water and you will probably die.. MDMA or no MDMA.

    By the way this “new” Molly drug you are talking about has been going under the guise of ecstasy for decades.

    Just so you know.. Molly SHOULD be MDMA.. Nothing else.

    And molly is used, normally, to refer to MDMA crystals / powder.. what you have just written an article about is.. Ecstasy pills (kinda.. it’s still wrong on so many levels)