Adam Lanza's father claims his body

Peter Lanza, the father of mass murderer Adam Lanza, finally claims the killer’s body. Photo via Facebook.

Earlier reports that no one had claimed the body of Adam Lanza, the deranged shooter of the massacre that claimed the lives of 20 first grade children, four staff members and his mother on Dec. 14, have turned out to be false. The slaughter happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

The shooter’s father, Peter Lanza, was said to have left town upon news that it was his younger son, 20-year-old Adam, was responsible for the cold blooded murder of so many youngsters, has now taken the steps to bury his son who killed himself when he heard sirens approaching.

The Associated Press confirmed on Monday that the remains of Adam Lanza have been claimed. A spokesman for the Lanza family said that Adam’s father claimed his remains over the via a person who asked to remain anonymous.

Adam’s mother, Nancy Lanza, was buried during a private ceremony in New Hampshire approximately seven days after the shooting.

The spokesperson said that a private service had been arranged for Adam, but did not go into details about what that meant.

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