Utah boy brought gun to school to protect himself

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West Kearns School in Utah where 11-year-old was arrested for bringing gun to school, to protect himself against CT style shooting. Photo via Google Maps.

An 11-year old Kearns, Utah, boy was taken into custody after a teacher at West Kearns Elementary School was alerted about a gun the boy reportedly brought to school.

Although the boy allegedly waved the .22 caliber handgun around to other students, a Granite School District spokesperson, Ben Horsely, told the AFP that the boy claimed he had brought the gun to school to protect himself and his friends.

“He is alleging that he brought the weapon to protect himself and his friends from a Connecticut-style incident,” said Horsely.

According to the AFP, the boy was keeping the gun in his backpack. It was found unloaded, however, ammunition was also found, although authorities aren’t sure if the ammunition would have worked in the gun or not.


The school’s principal called police after a teacher brought the boy to the principal’s office upon notification from other students that the boy was in possession of a gun.

The boy was charged for aggravated assault for allegedly waving around the gun on the playground and for possession with a deadly weapon. The boy’s name has not been released because he is a minor.

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