Missouri 11-year-old boy saves 10-year-old's life

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10-year-old Zachary Sanchez saved by 11-year-old boy. Family photo.

An 11-year-old boy is credited on Monday with saving the life of a schoolmate, 10-year-old Zachary Sanchez, after he fell out of a tree.

Andre Key, the boy who saved Sanchez, was waiting for his school bus on Dec. 7 when Sanchez fell out of a tree he had climbed earlier. The boys were waiting for their bus at their bus stop when the accident occurred.  Key reacted swiftly after he noticed the boy wasn’t moving and had blood coming out of his ear. Key quickly ran to Sanchez’s house to alert them of the accident.

According to NBC News, Key and Sanchez’ older brother ran back to the bus stop and carried Sanchez to his grandfather’s car who drove him to the hospital.

Upon arrival to Garden Park Medical Hospital, hospital staff determined that Sanchez was suffering from life threatening injuries. The boy was then transported to a higher level trauma unit in Tulane.


Sanchez is now recovering, however, he suffered partial hearing loss and partial paralysis on the right side of his face. Emergency room staff reportedly told the Sanchez family that Sanchez may have not survived without the quick thinking of Key and Sanchez’s older brother Tyler.

Key went to school that day without mentioning the incident to anyone. He reportedly only confided in his father because he had to return home to change his clothes that had blood on them.

Hospital staff were so impressed with Key and Tyler, they contacted their schools and parents and arranged for a school assembly at Orange Grove Elementary on Tuesday, where the children attend, to honor their heroism.


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