Mother and toddler pinned under car saved by good Samaritans

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Vehicle upright after good Samaritans pushed it over to its side after the car struck a mother and toddler and pinned them underneath. Screen shot via KDVR.

A mother, walking across the street in Aurora, Colorado, with her three children, was saved by an off-duty police officer, another police officer and several civilians when the woman and her toddler were struck by a vehicle Monday night.

The accident happened as a mother, her 2-year-old daughter and her 4-year-old twins crossed a busy intersection at night.  The mother and her 2-year-old were then struck by a vehicle that turned over, pinning the mother and her youngster underneath the car. The 4-year-old twins were not hit.

Witnesses at the scene converged upon the accident to help the mother and child. Several bystanders, including a civilian named Richard Chan, told WFMY News 2, “It was like, this woman, she’s not going to make it. Mom was unconscious, she was leaning over, the girl was trying to get out but her leg was trapped under her mom’s chest and her mom was pinned to the ground.”

That’s when the police officers and other good Samaritans lifted the one-ton car off the mother and daughter.


Chan went onto to explain, “She [the mother] kind of twitched real quick and then she started started breathing.”

“The little girl, I was just impressed with how, like, she was moving. She was just protected.”

Sgt. Matt Brubacher, who was on duty at the time said the strangers were so selfless, that they just left the scene before anybody could get their names and thank them. WFMY News was able to track down one of the civilians for their report.

The mother, Kipinga Muanza Kalala, was transported to a local hospital where she is currently in intensive care, suffering from head injuries and broken bones. Her 2-year-old daughter, Angela, was hospitalized for resulting burns and deep lacerations.

The driver of the vehicle is not expected to face any charges. Aurora Police say the family crossed the street where there wasn’t a crosswalk.


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