9-year-old boo'd for liking Mitt Romney on MSNBC

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Little girl gets heckled after declaring support for Mitt Romney. Screen shot via MSNBC.

A 9-year-old girl was boo’d this morning after declaring her allegiance to Mitt Romney on the MSNBC morning program Morning Joe.

9-year-old Annabelle was featured at the end of the show, which was filming on location in Boca Raton, Florida, subsequent to last night’s final presidential debate.

Co-host Mika Brzezinkski asked Annabelle, who she said was one of five children, whom she thought should win the election. When Annabelle responded, “Mitt Romney”, it was met with boos from the live crowd.

Joe Scarborough yelled, “Ohhhhhhh! There ya go! I’m with ya Annabelle.”


Co-host Willie Geist was not amused by the jeers. He turned to the crowd and said, “Booing a 9-year-old girl? Come on. Clean it up.” When Scarborough asked Geist what he learned today, he said, “I know Boca Raton knows how to turn on a crowd even at 5:30 in the morning.”

Scarborough followed up Geist’s comment by saying, “Unbelievable. Santa Claus is next.”

Brzezinkski continued to hug the little girl and shield her from the crowd. She said, “I’m a little worried about Annabelle.”¬†Brzezinkski then turned to one of the bystanders who boo’d her and said, “You boo’d her.”

The man responded, “Yes!”

Brzezinkski shook her head in disbelief.

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  • Natalie Frisbie

    You can’t ask one person her opinion about the election and not expect to hear other peoples. If you’re stupid enough to ask a 9 yr old girl who she’s rooting for, it’s your fault if she gets booed, whatever her answer.

  • Guest

    They booed God 3 times at their 2012 National Convention; they boo (KILL) unwanted girls that are born ALIVE after failed abortions… What’d you expect from the “Founding Party of the KKK” ?

  • Chauffeur

    Unbelievable! Well, not really… I find the party of “Choice” is very intolerant if they disagree with the Choice. If Romney wins, there will be riots by these lefties.

  • checkman69

    And so goes the magnanimous and compassionate Democrats, booing a nine year old child for answering a question. They should all have their mouths sewn shut and their ballots thrown out for being d*mb*sses

  • Mandy Harshbarger

    What’s unbelievable to me is that any adult thinks it appropriate to ask the question in the first place. Children cannot hope to understand the complexities of politics at that age. Trouble is, too many adults take the simplistic, polarized version without actually THINKING about or understanding the issues fully. If the adults would grow up, they’d see that they created this situation – presenter and parents alike!