5-year-old boy in coma after mother's boyfriend beat him

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Robert Bertrand Lewis, 35, charged with felony child abuse after putting 5-year-old in coma. Mug shot via Houston Police Department.

A 5-year-old Houston, Texas, boy is in critical condition today after his mother’s boyfriend, Robert Bertrand Lewis Jr., 35, allegedly beat him so severely, he fell into a coma.

The boy’s mother reportedly left her youngster in the care of her boyfriend on October 12 while she attended traffic court. The mother told police that the pair exchanged text messages, updating her on her on her son’s well being.  The mother says Lewis texted her before noon to say that the boy was dancing and playing video games and assured her things were fine. The mother says she arrived home about an hour later to find her son unresponsive and injured.

The victim’s mother said she left her son in the care of Lewis several times that week and that there were signs of mistreatment at that time. On October 10, the mother reported that her son had flu-like symptoms. She said that her son claimed that Lewis had punched him in the face but later changed his story, saying that he was hurt during school.

According to KHOU, during the 911 call, the boy’s mother was heard arguing with Lewis. Lewis is heart on the recorded dispatch call saying, “Do you understand what is going on right now? (Expletive) this little (expletive).” Police believe that Lewis was talking about the youngster.


Lewis has been charged with felony child abuse.

The condition of the youngster is not yet known. Police say he suffered from blunt force trauma to the head, brain bleeding, a ruptured pancreas and other life threatening injuries.


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  • Guest

    I am heartbroken reading this. 🙁 I HAVE a 5 year old myself. How did the mom have any flags raised and still leave her son with this creature? Are we as women that blinded by new “loves” that we fail to protect our children the way we should? Of COURSE the boy changed his story. The a$$ho!e probably threatened him. She should be arrested along with the jerk. Has anyone heard of the boy’s condition???

    • Missy7206

      I know this mom and she is an amazing mother. There were no signs, the boy busted his lip the day before at school. I hate running across this story from time to time and then reading comments like yours. Why should she be in jail? Because she trusted someone that was hiding his true self? Or because she believed him when he promised her, her son would love him as much as his children do? Fyi, the boy is doing amazing but due to HISD not doing their job, she has resorted to home schooling him because they’re not doing their job. He was abused at school by a behavioral issue teacher. The mom made a report and they did nothing! The mom transferred him to another school and they put him in a school for children with behavioral issues (not just a class) but the child does not have behavioral issues, he has a traumatic brain injury and due to life flight taking so long he also had a stroke. The coma they spoje of was medically indused. I hate idiots like you, the lying ass news and HISD. Keep your judgemental ass comments to yourself and just pray for people! You never know what night happens in your life!!!