Youngster to murdered Navy SEAL’s mother: ‘He should go to heaven’

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Jonathan Arcuri, 9, paid his respects in a special way to Navy SEALs Glen Doherty. Screen shot via CBS.

The funeral for Glen Doherty, 42-years-old, the Navy SEAL who was murdered in a terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya last week, was held on Tuesday with the presence of a very unexpected guest.

Jonathan Arcuri, 9-years-old, walked down to the funeral from his home in Winchester, Massachusetts, where the funeral was being held, to pay his respects to Doherty and his family. Although the youngster had never met Doherty or his family, he felt it was necessary to pass on his gratitude and larger than life impression of the members of the Navy SEALs, especially Glen Doherty.

According to CBS News, Arcuri waited in a long line to speak with Doherty’s mother in effort to tell her why he was there. Upon meeting Doherty’s mom, he told her:

“I think a Navy SEAL is a tough job, and I really think that he protected the country.”

Arcuri went on to say, “I’ll pray for him tonight…he should go to heaven.”

Doherty’s mom then asked Arcuri if she could hug him to which he said, “Of course.”

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