British woman jailed for giving herself late term abortion

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Sarah Louise Catt, 35, sentenced to prison for giving herself an abortion. Mug shot via North Yorkshire Police.

Sarah Louise Catt, 35, of Sherburn in Elmet, North Yorkshire, England has been sentenced to 8-years in prison after she gave herself an abortion one week before her baby was due.

The incident happened in 2009. Catt claims that when she figured out she was pregnant, she panicked because the pregnancy was a result of an extra-marital affair. Catt says she tried to get the abortion done legally, through a medical center, but was denied because she was past the 24-week cut-off.

Medical personnel reported their suspicions to police after medical records showed a lack of a birth record. Catt had gone into a medical clinic and had an ultrasound done, confirming the pregnancy at 30 weeks. The clinic then tried to follow up on the pregnancy and found no birth certificate.

Police contacted Catt who told them her baby was born stillborn and that she buried the newborn baby boy in an undisclosed location. Police were unable to confirm her claim and seized her computer as evidence. Police found that Catt had ordered drugs on the Internet, from India, meant to induce labor. Catt was believed to be almost 39 weeks pregnant when she took the drugs.


Catt is the mother of two children.

The judge who sentenced her today said that Catt was “cold and calculating” and showed no remorse. Justice Cook said the actions of Catt  were somewhere between manslaughter and murder.

Source: BBC


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