Children left in hot car while mom shopped

Image via SXC

A mother in Los Angeles is facing possible felony charges after leaving her two children locked in her car while she went shopping.

18-year-old Arely Amaya allegedly left her 1-year-old son and 2-week-old daughter strapped in their carseats with a rear window cracked. The temperature outside was 92 degrees, but Deputy Pete Mejia estimated that the interior of the car was over 100 degrees.

Good samaritans noticed the children locked in the car and called police, who responded at 12:30pm on Saturday to the 7900 block of Atlantic Avenue. Mejia was able to stick his arm through the partially opened window to unlock the door and rescue the children. Police believe the children were in the car for up to 25 minutes. They were transported to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, where they arrived in stable condition. They have since been released. When Amaya returned and identified herself as the mother, police say that she “did not seem upset when she came back to her car.”

Children and pets should never be left in a car, as their body temperatures can rise to a lethal degree even on cooler days. Cracking the window does not help — as Lt. Daniel Lopez of the East Los Angeles sheriff’s station stated,“No amount of time is safe to keep a child or pet in a vehicle when temperatures are this high.”

Sources: LA Times, CBS Los, LA Weekly

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