French woman freed after killing 8 of her own newborn babies

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Dominique Cottrez, 48, who confessed in 2010 to killing eight of her own newborn babies, has been freed in Douai, France without supervision. She is required to receive psychological and psychiatric care as a condition of her release.

Cottrez, a former nursing student, was arrested for murder in July 2010 after the remains of infants were found on her parent’s property. She admitted to suffocating them. Initially, it was reported by the Daily Mail that Cottrez killed the babies because she did not not want any more children and did not want to use birth control. Later, however, Cottrez claimed to be a lifelong victim of incest, including after her marriage, and that all of the babies belonged to her father, who died in 2007. She hid the pregnancies from her husband due to her obesity, and claimed he never knew about any of the babies. He was not charged with a crime. The couple has two adult daughters.

The first two bodies were found when the new owners of her parent’s home were digging in the property’s duck pond and found the remains in hermetically sealed bags. They contacted the police, who went to Cottrez’s parent’s new home. There they found six more bodies.

It is not yet clear why she was released.


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    Why let the BITCH out? It’s her own fault for opening her fucking legs.. and being so stupid as to not use birth control, when she did. She CHOSE to murder those innocent little babies.. Why? Oh, just because she didn’t want to use birth control and wanted to lay on her back.. People like this make me sick and I feel that she should have died in prison.. 8 babies, really?