9-year-old caught on tape violently abusing babies (video)

Boy on daycare surveillance video shown punching and shaking babies and toddlers

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Boy on daycare surveillance video shown punching and shaking babies and toddlers

9-year-old boy punching toddler at daycare. Screen shot via surveillance video.

A 9-year-old boy has been caught on surveillance video abusing babies and toddlers at a daycare center in Mississippi. The unidentified minor is seen on tape terrorizing youngsters by using wrestling type moves to physically assault them. During several points in the tape, the boy is seen choking a baby and then patting her on the back and violently donkey kicking another toddler and punching her.

One father said he became extremely angry when his 1-year-old daughter came home with extensive, visible injuries for a solid week. The parent, Jamie Williams, said his daughter had bite marks on her body as well as a cut lip. Williams apparently became so enraged when the daycare failed to offer him answers, he reportedly slapped another child whom he believed was responsible. The police say Williams slapped the wrong child and was arrested on charges on simple assault.

The caregiver of Kiddie City Childcare in Vicksburg, Miss., Sandra Trevillion, has been arrested as well, on child neglect charges, for failing to be attentive to the children’s safety and for seemingly ignoring the abuse.

According to WLBT News, the bully’s aunt, Vinia Dolley told them, “He bad. He fight but he don’t fight little babies. He do also have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal child.”


Dolley also said, “I feel bad about him jumping on a two year-old baby, he nine years-old. He don’t fight his own two year-old brother like that or cousins.”

The daycare has since been closed down.

See shocking abuse caught on film below:


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  • This video appalled me. Even after the father inquired about his child’s injuries no one watched the video tape. And the 9 ye old. Really scary! A future murderer in the making.

  • Melissa_04

    He bad? Man, are you allowed to quote someone but still speak properly? If that’s a normal 9 year old to you honey, I’d hate to know what a bad 9 year old does!

  • Natalie Frisbie

    Normal children don’t have to take medicine everyday! And the parents are definitely responsible. If every time your kid is around babies, the babies cry, you keep him away from them!!!

    • i agree she should have known she heard thoses babies crying

  • Ironheart

    Embarrased huh? Only because the entire country is watching your punk ass baby Jeffery Daimler that’s the only reason.
    How about “We feel for the victim and their families & we apologize for his behavior .. Nope only worried about themselves. You can also see how lazy she is. In fact she is sooo lazy she even speaks lazy instead of saying it like a normal person “He is a bad boy” she spills out “He bat” He fight kids ” UMM that’s not fighting you cow & that’s not a kid thats a baby he is beating on That’s straight up ABUSE!! fighting would require an opponent striking back not a victim

  • That child is a murderer in the making and needs a lethal injection

  • Jennifer

    “One father said he became extremely angry when his 1-year-old daughter
    came home with extensive, visible injuries for a solid week.”……. Er, a WEEK?? I wouldn’t have let that continue after ONE DAY… Good grief…

  • i wld beat the fuck out of his mom and the whole damn
    family tht make excuses for this evil ass child!

  • Umm HELLO?!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD>> WHAT IS WITH THE AUNTIE SAYING ..”He’s just bad..” He’s like any other Kid.. ” No REMORSE.. HE Needs to be SPANKED!!!!!! THIS MAKES ME SO MAD.. A child left to themselves bringeth their Mother SHAME!! it’s from the bible! POOR LITTLE GIRL!!

  • Connie Cassidy

    What a little sh*t!! He either needs some serious help, or needs to be locked up. I hope the charges on the dad were dropped. I would have been enraged too!