Parents accused of locking 4-year-old inside cage (pictures)

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A caged-in bed a 4-year-old was allegedly forced to sleep in and eliminate in. Photo via Garfield County Ohio Sheriff’s office.

Police arrested the parents of a girl whom they believe was being tortured in Pleasantville, Ohio.  Russell D. Terry, 34, and Jamie M. Curnell, 32, were taken into custody after police in Lancaster, Ohio responded to a domestic disturbance in the middle of night on Thursday. Upon entering the home, deputies found a twin bed enclosed with  steel mesh, a lock and wire mesh fencing.

According to the  mother’s Facebook page, the 4-year-old victim appears to have 3 brothers, ranging from infancy to 12-years-old. It is not yet known if any of the other children were  forced to sleep on the top bunk, which was also enclosed.

Jamie Curnell, 32, and Russell Terry, 34, arrested for keeping 4-year-old locked inside cage at night. Screen shot via 10 TV.

Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen said that he enclosure surrounded a dirty, stained mattresses, devoid of linens, around a bunk bed. He described the house as filthy. Sherriff Phalen said the situation was dangerous and called it “unlawful restraint”.

Terry and Curnell reportedly told the police they only put the youngster in the enclosure at night.


The parents have been charged with two felony accounts of kidnapping and child endangerment. They are being held on $500,00 bond.

Source: 10 TV News


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