Father kills man he caught molesting his 4-year-old daughter

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Ranch near Shiner, Texas where father struck man who molested his daughter, with a deathly blow to the attacker. Screen shot via CNN.

A Texas man is awaiting a grand jury review to decide whether or not he will be charged  for murder after he allegedly killed a sexual predator he claims he witnessed molesting his 4-year-old daughter. The sexual assault on his young daughter happened at the property of the child victim and her father along County Road 302 near Shiner, Texas. The father says he found his daughter and her rapist in the back of  a horse barn during a family gathering on Saturday. The child molester is said to be an acquaintance of the father, although he did not know him well.

The father of the little girl told police that he heard his daughter screaming and went to investigate. He claims he found his daughter pinned down by the 47-year-old acquaintance who was seen sexually assaulting his young daughter. The father says he became enraged and started striking the man to get him off his daughter. After several blows to the man’s face and head, the alleged molester died.

The father then called police and told them he attacked a man who was molesting his daughter and that he died during the attack. The police arrived and took the 4-year-old victim to the hospital to be treated and examined for evidence.

The Lavaca County Sheriff’s office says they have not arrested the man because they have no evidence so far to doubt his story.

Lavaca County residents have rallied around the father in support of his actions. The father has reportedly expressed remorse over the killing.

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