Girl fought bullies, now called one by school

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Student tries to stop bullying on bus, called bully herself. Photo via stock.xchng.

Stormy Rich, 18, had enough credits that she did not need to attend first period at Umatilla High School in Umatilla, Florida. Since she did not need to go to school early, she rode on a middle school bus later in the morning.

While riding on the bus, she reportedly witnessed a number of female students bullying a mentally challenged teen.

Rich told Fox 35 Orlando, “They would be mean to her, tell her she couldn’t sit on certain spots on the bus. They were giving her food that they put in their mouth. I actually had to tell her to spit it out because she didn’t understand.”

In an attempt to stop the bullying, Rich approached the bus driver. Since the bullying did not end there, she approached a high school official. According to Rich, the bullying continued.


Eventually, Rich intervened herself. She explained to Fox 35, “When the school didn’t do anything, I told the girls if the school didn’t do anything, I was going to do something.”

As a result of her actions, Rich received a letter removing her from the middle school bus and declaring that her actions constituted bullying, according to The Daily Commercial in Florida.

When asked about the incident and Rich’s complaints about bullying, Christopher Patton, a communications officer for Lake County Schools, told The Daily Commercial, “I can’t comment about student discipline, unfortunately. I think you’re heading down a dangerous path because you’ve got one side of the story. … There are other parents that are involved in this.”

The school district also claims that the alleged victim has never reported any bullying.

Fortunately, Rich does not need to worry about riding the bus any longer. Stormy Rich has since graduated from Umatilla High School with a 3.67 GPA and will be beginning nursing studies at Daytona State College in the fall.

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  • IWillNotConform

    I’m a resident of Umatilla and this case is huge around here, as you can probably figure out. I’m assuming my comment will be deleted if I name the “bullied” student in question, so I’ll refrain from doing that, but it is well known around these parts who this student is. Most of us think the whole story is a load of baloney. This girl’s family is known to use their home to shelter criminals on the run and there was an incident with one of their other children a few years ago. Her family won a suit against the county after their oldest son apparently broke his leg in Eustis. He was later seen walking just fine. These people are con artists. Their daughter is fine. She doesn’t have this “illness”. The “bullies” are hired hands by the parents.

    • John Dillinger

      So you’re saying that this girl who they say is mentally ill, and she doesn’t really have this illness? & that they get on the bus & fake a bullying incident by hiring kids to do this? & are you saying that this girl who stood up & helped this girl and went to the driver to report the bullies is all made up? this sounds really out there.