Boy, 3, unbuckles himself from booster seat and is accidentally run over by mom

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3-year-old Logan McClaskey died after unbuckling himself from his car booster seat, opening the car door, and then falling out of the car and being run over by the moving vehicle in a heartbreaking accident. Photo via screen capture from ABC6

3-year-old Logan McClaskey died Monday after he unbuckled himself from his car booster seat, opened the car door, tumbled out of the moving vehicle and was run over by his mother who was driving the car.

The heartbreaking accident occurred just outside of Columbus, Ohio around 5 p.m. while the mother was turning at an intersection.  The toddler reportedly died on the scene.

Relatives of the boy, some of which witnessed the accident, told NBC4 that the boy didn’t want to leave his grandmother’s house, which he and his mother Sarah Hammond, 23, from Columbus, and his sister Lily, 1, were visiting.

The grandmother lives just around the corner from where the accident took place.


Relatives told NBC4 that the boy, who they described as over 50 pounds and very smart and quick enough to figure out how to get out of his booster seat, had already run out of the car once before they left to try to get back into his grandmother’s house.

In a report by NBC4, relatives said that once the young family was out onto Obetz Road, Logan got himself out of the booster seat, opened the car door and fell onto the road, and then his mother ran him over with the rear wheel of the car.

“He was only 3, so we would recommend that he is in a higher weight harness for a 3-year-old because maturity-wise, they’re not mature enough to sit in a booster seat. They need that internal harness still and there are seats out there with that internal harness that will go to 60 or 65 pounds,” said Ann Roderer, of Columbus Public Health, reports NBC4.

Deputy Steve Fickenworth of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said that the mother’s four door sedan had child locks that were not being used at the time of the incident, reports NBC4.

Sources:  NBC4, ABC6

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