Family dog kills 3-day-old baby girl

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3-day-old Makayla Darnell died on Thursday after being attacked by the family dog while she was in her infant swing. Photo via malamantra at SXC Photo

A 3-day-old baby girl died at 11 p.m. Thursday evening after being attacked by her family’s pet dog while she was in her infant swing.

Makayla Darnell, from Beaverdam, Ohio, suffered blunt force injuries to her head when the dog attacked her around 6:30 p.m..

“It all appeared to happen in a matter of seconds,” Steve Kahle, an investigator from the Lucas County coroner’s office, told the Toledo Blade.

He said the girl’s parents, Audrianna Myers and Jared Darnell, were in a  different room and said they didn’t hear noises from the dog or the infant.  He said that the infant’s family members did not hear a sound from either the dog or Makayla.


At the time of the attack, the infant’s mother, Audrianna Myers, and the infant’s grandmother were in the kitchen, and her father, Jared Darnell, was not home.

Authorities said the dog appeared to be about 4 to 5 years old and the family’s only dog.  Dog Warden Julie Shellhammer said the dog appeared to be a “pit bull” mix.

The dog has been taken into custody and will be quarantined for 10 days.  After that it will be up to a judge to determine the dog’s future.

Source:  The Toledo Blade

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  • These parents should be charged with involuntary manslaughter at the very least. No one in their right mind keeps a dog in the house where there are infants and/or toddlers. There weren’t all these reports of dogs killing infants and small children until the last two or three decades because until recently, people had sense enough to keep dogs outside where dogs belong. As long as people keep listening to the dog freaks who tell them dogs are “part of the family” and other nonsense, we will continue to read about tragedies like this one. Dogs are animals, not children, and trying to “humanize” them isn’t going to turn them into something they’re not!

    •  While I understand your sentiment, I must disagree.  I have a Rottweiler, a bulldog, and a Boston.  They are all inside dogs.  When I babysit for my nephew, who is a toddler, they are not allowed near him.  I do not believe in taking chances.  They have grown up with my son and do fine with kids.  However, babies and toddlers have to have the extra thought put into the situation.

  • Of course, blame the dog.  Why not blame the parents who did not have enough sense to separate the baby and the dog.  You NEVER leave a child alone with a dog.  It doesn’t matter if it is a pitbull or a poodle.  NEVER LEAVE A BABY WITH A DOG ALONE!!!  This is just going to be another mark against pits all because of irresponsible owners.  The parents need to be charged with neglect at the very least.  Their stupidity cost a baby its life.

    Also, this story needs more concrete facts.  Did the dog knock over the swing? Or did it actually maul the baby.  Big difference.  My dog hated our motorized infant swing and was therefore, never in the room with it.  The story says that the parents were home in different rooms and then that the father wasn’t home at all.  There is a huge chunk of information missing.

    • spacetaxi

      The police said later that the family told them that the dog had bitten down on the baby’s head, which would be consistant with blunt force injury.

  • THe dog had never shown violence before and as the owner of a pit mix and a hound dog all dogs can snap no matter their breed.  This childs mother had just bathed her and stepped out of the room to get her a bottle.. She wasnt ignoring her and it WASNT bad parenting.. no one knows what it was and the investigation is still OPEN.. Bad stuff happens to good people all the time and there isnt anything anyone can do about it..

    •  She shouldn’t have left a newborn alone with a dog.  Period.  This could have been prevented.

    • It is bad parenting. You’re never, ever, ever, ever supposed to leave a pet alone with a newborn.

  • great another one against the pit bull. Where were her parents when this was going. are they that stupid on leaving the child alone. it’s the parents that should be held responsible not the dog 

  • Robert Murdoch

    Well, I can imagine that the parents would be pretty upset if they got all the blame for what their dog did.