Couple forces 12-year-old girl to run in diaper

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Girl forced to run in diaper for poor grades. Image via stock.xchng.

A Fridley, Minnesota girl’s mother and boyfriend were not happy when she brought home poor grades and failed to do her homework. According to the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Stephanie Ann Broten and her live-in boyfriend, Darnell Alan Landrum, shaved Broten’s 12-year-old daughter’s head and forced her to run up and down a street while only wearing a tank top and a diaper because of poor grades.

Police estimate that the girl was running for about 30 minutes on Monday evening before a neighbor alerted them and they arrived on the scene. By the time the police arrived, a group of about 30-50 people were gathered on the scene. According to the Star Tribune, a neighbor grabbed a blanket for the girl.

Fridley Police Lt. Mike Monsrud told the Pioneer Press, “When the officer found her, she was crying and hysterical.”

Broten, 38, and Landrum, 34, were arrested and have been charged. Monsrud stated that the pair did not understand why the police would be involved in the incident. Of their reaction, Monsrud stated, “Through the whole contact, and even on the way to jail, both were laughing and thinking it was ridiculous police would get involved in what they said was their parental decision.”


Both Broten and Landrum were charged on Wednesday with malicious punishment of a child. Broten has been released on bail with the stipulation that she has no contact with her daughter. Landrum has a small bail set due to a prior conviction for disorderly conduct.

The girl and three other children living in the family’s townhouse have been put into foster care. According to police reports, they have been called to the home on four other occasions but no charges resulted.


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