Mom rents billboard for daughter’s prom queen bid

April 22nd, 2012 by | Permalink

When it comes to prom, the stakes are very high for teenagers across America. One Killeen, Texas mother went to great lengths to make sure that her daughter had a memorable prom. She rented a billboard.

Mom rents billboard for prom. Photo via Killeen Daily Herald.

Tammy Day’s daughter, Brandy, ran for prom queen of Harker Heights High School. Determined to do everything she could to help her daughter win the title, Tammy rented an outdoor pink rotating sign and printed countless fliers. The vibrant sign proclaimed, “Vote Brandy Day for Prom Queen!”

Brandy told the Killeen Daily Herald that she had joked with her mother about putting up a billboard to support her campaign. She had no idea that her mother would actually do it.

However, Tammy believed her daughter deserved the extra push. She said, “It’s her last year, and she has never run for anything before. She’s a wonderful girl, so I want to make it happen for her.”

Tammy told KXXV-TV in Killeen that she spent over $1500 on Brandy’s effort.

Despite Tammy’s over-the-top effort, Brandy did not win the crown Fox News reports. Even though she did not win, Brandy was excited about attending the prom and going to Baylor University next fall. Brandy’s prom was on Saturday.


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