Gang rape of teen video goes viral in Africa

A mentally ill 17-year-old girl is being treated at a a hospital in Johannesburg for injuries she received after being abducted and gang raped.

So far, eight boys and men have been arrested in connection with the rape.

On Wednesday morning, cellphone footage of the attack had gone viral amongst the school children in Soweto, just south of Johannesburg.  The hashtag #rapevideo is trending on Twitter in South Africa, even though distributing pornographic material is illegal in south Africa. The suspects are between the ages of 14 and 20 according to CNN. They reportedly offered her 25 cents to stay quiet.

The victim’s mother stated that her daughter has been a victim of rape since the age of 12 because of her illness and the fact that her family is poor. Over 60,000 cases of rape have been reported in the past year. NGO estimates that someone is raped every 26 seconds. One in every five rapes is a gang rape in the province of Gauteng, where Johannesburg is located, according to Lisa Vetten, a women’s right activist. In an effort to combat this and other violent crimes against women, the country has created a ministry of women and children.

The girl was reported missing between March 21 and March 25. She was found in Braamfischerville with the eighth man that was arrested as reported by NEWS 24. The Warrant Officer, Kay Makhubele, said that it does appear that the girl was held there unwillingly.

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