Mom: Daughter didn't kill baby, she 'thought she was having bowel movement'

Police say teen allowed baby to drown in toilet then disposed of the body

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Police say teen allowed baby to drown in toilet then disposed of the body

Anitra Hicks, 18, accused of giving birth to baby, allowing it to drown in toilet. Photo via Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

An 18-year-old Georgia  teen has been arrested after police took her file to a grand jury. Police allege she drowned her baby and threw it into the trash. The baby was later retrieved from a garbage truck. Anitra Hicks has been indicted by a Grand Jury on six counts, including felony murder.

Her mother, Patricia Hicks says that her daughter denies all charges and is innocent. She says her daughter only weighs 115 lbs. and nobody knew, including Anitra herself, that she was pregnant.

Now Anitra’s mother is chalking the misunderstanding up to a bowel movement. She told WTOC, “She gave birth to her baby and she thought she was having a bowel movement and the baby came out in the toilet. She didn’t know she was pregnant. We didn’t know she was pregnant.”

“I have 5 grand kids so she knows that me nor her dad would ever put her down 0r put any judgement against her. I had a baby at 18. My daughter and other daughter have had a baby at 18. I’ve been in the medical field for 23 years and I’ve talked to doctors and nurses who have more experience with childbirth that I do and I told them, my child didn’t stop having her period the whole time.”


Mrs. Hicks claims that her daughter wonders why God didn’t let her know that she was pregnant and why God took the baby from her.

Police disagree. They found the baby in the trash and allege that Anitra Hicks just wanted to get rid of the baby and live a life that wasn’t burdened with having to take care of a child.

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  • What a lying sack of shit. She deserves a baseball bat to her face

    • tearcollector

      As does her mother for being such a lying twat! 

    • you really don’t know that she’s lying…

      • $17671497

        Are u stupid?

      • Lesley Smith

        ? What about a cord.. doesn’t the cord need to be cut?? Even if she didn’t know she was pregnant i’m sure she knew when the baby was coming out.. Someone had to cut the cord.

  • A bowel movement? The last time I checked…when you have a bowel movement it comes from your ‘bowels’. A child is born through the birth canal coming out through the vagina. You might want to add severe pain and blood along with this. This girl is very troubled and murdered her innocent newborn. Why do all the excuses arise after the fact? She killed her baby! The end!!!!

  • She deserves to live in the jungle with all types of wild animals. How can someone murder their own child? If you girls don’t want to take the responsibilities of caring for a human being, then keep ya legs closed! As simple as that! 

  • Regardless whether or not she knew she was pregnant, I’m pretty sure when the baby came out it didn’t feel like having a bowel movement. Not to mention, when she stood up to flush, she’d see her baby right there in the toilet bowl! That baby was found in the trash. Therefore, she removed the baby from the toilet, or wherever she actually had him, and tried to throw him away. Sickening…..WTF?!

  • Lesley Smith

    Well, yeah usually if you have a baby you will know when it is coming out. Then there is the cord that will have to be cut.. , Then if the baby dies in chld birth you would usually call the hospital for help with your body.., and have a funeral for your child.