Parents accused of slowly starving to death 11-year-old boy

Johnathan Ramsey, 11-year-old boy given minimal water and bread by parents, succumbed to starvation

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Johnathan Ramsey, 11-year-old boy given minimal water and bread by parents, succumbed to starvation

Johnathan Ramsey, 11, died of starvation as punishment issued by his father and stepmother. Family photo.

Dallas County, Texas police are accusing a father and step-mother of systematically starving an 11-year-old boy to death, giving him rations of water and bread only. Police went to Aaron Ramsey, the boy’s father, last Friday after the boy, Johnathan Ramsey, was reported missing by his grandfather who had not been able to get in contact with him in over 9 months.

Police say that upon questioning and pressing the couple on Johnathan’s whereabouts, Aaron Ramsey admitted he locked his son in a bedroom and starved him after he allegedly struck his pregnant step-mother, Elizabeth Ramsey, causing her to miscarry triplets. Both parents reportedly admitted to giving the boy “military rations” which weren’t enough to sustain the young boy. His step-mother described the boy as “looking like one of those kids you see on commercials from Africa” and said he wasn’t able to walk at times because he was so frail and weak.

According the IBT, Johnathan’s father also told police that he saw his son eat his own feces because he was so hungry. The step-mother said that the boy once weighed 90 lbs., but weighed only 60 lbs. when he finally died.

The couple has been arrested and charged with felony injury to a child. The charges might be upgraded to murder if police find the remains of the boy. Mr. Ramsey told the police that he moved his son’s body several times, eventually out to the woods. The body has yet to be found or recovered.


Johnathan’s biological mother, Judy Williams, who lives in New Mexico, told the Dallas Morning News that she was unable to get a hold of her son for months and months as well. She said, in her last conversation with him, that he “sounded so sad.” She said he told her that he couldn’t tell her what was wrong because he was afraid he would get in trouble.

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  • Liz Gama

    Horrible 🙁  Was that this year?

  • It’s unbelieveable to me that people like this exist.  I am just speechless.  Love your kids people.

  • A J

    An eye for an eye is a great system. I believe the parents should be put in jail, just as the boy was locked in his room. They then should be slowly starved to death, and as soon as they are on the edge of dyeing, feed them so they have to live with what they did. Then they will realize how bad they were. The closest thing to that happening is them being locked in prison with free food, medical care, shelter, and more stuff than most people in third world countrys have,

  • lovemytwokids

    What kind of mother does not go get her child after he sounds ‘so sad’ and can’t tell her what was wrong because he might get in trouble. I would be there in a heartbeat if my child said that to me. If she had done something, maybe this child would not have had to go thru that kind of pain and torture.

  • AJ Quintana

    I can’t help but thinking he’s better off dead 🙁 poor boy, to live under such tyrannical parents 🙁 at least we can hope he’s at peace now :(… hopefully…

  • why didnt his mother & grandfather call the police when they cldnt reach him after a week never mind several months???  what is wrong with people?? 

  • I’m with you Lovemytwokids. The father and stepmother are cruel moronic monsters but what about a mother who does’nt hear from her son for months and months and doesn’t go check on him. All three of these morons should in jail for the rest of their lives and hopefully the other inmates will steal their food. What a heartbreaking story when all this poor boy knew was not kindness and happiness but pain and hunger.

  • Kevin Richards

    Okay the parents should not have starved him, but this kid is an idiot, he should have took food himself, gotten food somewhere else. He was 11 not an infant or toddler.

    • Trish Ling

      Where was he supposed to find food locked in a room?!?