6-year-old twins drown within months of each other

Christian Riley Baucom, 6, drowned in a pond 7 months after his twin drowned in a pond in the same area. Family photo.

The body of a 6-year-old boy, Christian Riley Baucom, who was reported missing last Tuesday from his caregivers home in Knox County, Missouri, has been found. He was found in the vicinity of his caregivers home, in a pond that was drained by the Missouri State Water Patrol. What compounds the tragedy even further is that Christian’s twin brother also drowned only 7 months prior, but in a different pond.

According to the Quincy Herald-Whig, the twins were being cared for by several sisters belonging to a Mennonite community because the boy’s mother is currently serving time in prison.

Mennonites are part of an organized Christian community which practices communal living, peace missions, harvesting food in order to be self reliant and Christian value based education. Most are known for their modest dress with women wearing long prairie dresses, aprons and bonnets. Men typically wear plain clothing with suspenders and straw hats.

Police believe Christian’s drowning was an accident and that no foul play was involved. Christian had Autism which may have hampered his communication skills. Members from the Mennonite community where he was staying say he was fond of being outdoors, was very curious and enjoyed observing and chasing the hogs. The hogs pen is apparently located near the pond where Christian’s body was found.

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