Father accused of abuse, infant suffered at least 21 bone fractures

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William Robert Olsen, 21, charged with malicious punishment of a child for injuries he inflicted upon his 7-week-old daughter. Mug shot via Pine County Sheriff's Office.

William Olsen, 21, has been arrested and charged with suspected child abuse and assault after his infant daughter was brought to a hospital in eastern Minnesota with at least 21 broken bones. Olsen reportedly admitted to authorities that he would routinely squeeze the infant and pick her up by her extremities. Court documents reveal that the 7-week-old newborn underwent emergency surgery where doctors identified 21 broken bones and another five which were likely fractures.

The incident occurred on March 22nd. The injuries were reportedly discovered during  a routine check up, however, the clinic who reported the injuries to police also said that they released the infant back to the custody of the family. When deputies followed up, they had the infant transported to the University of Minnesota Hospital.

Court documents revealed:

“Fractures were discovered in: 7 ribs, left clavicle, left humerus, left femur, left tibia, left metatarsal, right tibia and fibula as well as the skull.”


According to Northland’s Newscenter, medical staff believe that the injuries may be so severe, the baby may suffer from permanent disfigurement.

Olsen is currently in custody at the Pine County Jail in Minnesota. His bail was set at $30,000 if Olsen agrees to house arrest.

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  • sam1479

    the news is like playing telephone when we were kids, one hears the real story and changes it, then the next one changes it even more…. now this story is so incorrect and details have been twisted around with words that he sounds like a horrible person. no one should ever believe this. i know him and he is a great person and loves his daughter with all his heart. 🙁 

    • Just look at the scumbag in the picture.  I deal with losers all of the time and he fits the description.  Why are you trying to protect this asshole? He should have his balls cut off and then rot in jail.

    • “Olsen (the heartless scumbag child abuser) reportedly admitted to authorities that he would routinely squeeze the infant and pick her up by her extremeties”

      Listen here genius.  Does this sound like something you should be doing to a 7 week old?  I have a daughter slightly older and would never consider “picking her up by her extremities”.  This guy is a waste of life.  That poor little girl deserves so much better than that.

    • sammyyy baybeee

      you deserve to die along with the abuser. you both are going to burn in hell for eternity. so you are saying someone was bored and decided to fabricate this story because there isnt enought child abuse happening in this world already. i hope u get totured soon then die and go to hell.

    • No. This story is EXACTLY how I saw it reported by an officer on the news. Try again, you fucking creep. Loves his daughter, yet he treated her like a rag doll? Slobs like him deserve to have every bone broken one by one, and even still, that wouldn’t be enough of a punishment for harming an innocent child! Your supporting him as an individual and father- you NEED to re-evaluate the situation, and instead of sticking up for his scum-bag self, stand the fuck up for the child who is too small to speak, and will probably NEVER walk!! Truth or not, NO baby sustains ANY broken bones in a well-cared for environment and with proper caregivers. Complete ignorance.

    • ok so how about you have him care for your kids??? Maybe you’re another child abuser yourself and don’t care about these poor innocent children that suffer torture, all types of abuse and neglect!!!! Tell me then you, SOB, how the hell can an 8 WEEK old baby suffer these injuries??? I don’t care who this guy is to you, you should see the truth for what it is and try to do what you can to help the child not this scumbag. If you care about this family so much then don’t be blinded by the fact that you know him…he is a monster and should have his bones broken one by one!!!!! everyone knows to be careful with an infant and no one I know has ever mistakenly broken their kids bones 21 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m disgusted that he is only going to be on house arrest. This guy should be on death row!!!!

  • sam1479

    Dear Jessica King– Please delete this post as soon as possible. It is full of false information that will soon be proven wrong when the court details are settled. This story is ruining peoples’ lives and breaking apart an entire family. Delete the post please. There is no reason to have this story on this site. Its already all over the news. You have plenty of other stories up. The less people know about this the easier it will be for us all to get our family back together and have news reporters leave my family alone. Thank you.

    • Christopher Enclard

      Then what REALLY happened?

    • My gut tells me that you are a scumbag trying to protect another scumbag.  Please let us in on the details as to how a 7 week old ends up with these types of injuries.  I am sure plenty of us would like to know.  The way I see it this heartless piece of shit ruined this little girls life.  I personally don’t give a half a shit about you and this loser you are trying to protect.  I hope he rots in jail for a long time.  There is no excuse for this.

    • AJ Quintana

      Can you give proof of that? I’ve already surfed for some information about this matter and I can find over a dozen articles and stuff that make it sound reaaaally accurate… so what’s your story to state otherwise? I would love to hear it

    • oh okay well let’s see the proof hmm? what really happened? cause to me it looks like this fucken asshole just decided to torture a child. a poor INNOCENT child!!! i mean to me he is just on sick puppy  to do that do a sweet baby. she could have discovered a cure for cancer. you never know she could have been someone important but this poor excuse for a man had to ruin her bright future. so if you say it didnt happen or he had a REASON then you are just ignorant just please do us all a favor and shut up

    • spacetaxi

      Wow, this reply gave me the chills.