Step-father drove around parking lot with 7-year-old on roof

Abelardo Araujo arrested for child endangerment. Screen grab via Click 2 Houston.

A Houston, Texas man has been arrested after police spotted him driving around a parking lot with a young boy on the roof of his vehicle. The boy was reportedly the mans 7-year-old step-son. The boy and Abelardo Araujo were attending an outdoor car show when Araujo claims he put the boy on the top of his closed sun roof because he wasn’t able to see the cars. He then admitted to driving around the parking lot in effort to give his son a better view.

Araujo was charged with endangering a child. The judge set bail at $2000. Araujo later made bail and was released.

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  • Lesley Ann Rodriguez

    Seriously now?  People get arrested for the littlest of things.  Of course he wanted a better view for his son.  Wasn’t he hanging on?  Nevertheless, it would have been a better thing to just get him inside the car first and find a good spot.  It would have taken more time but definitely safer. LPN Programs