Bristol Palin checks phone for Obama call

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Bristol Palin has offered up a challenge to President Obama and is still awaiting a response.

Palin is awaiting a phone call from Obama. Photo via Wiki Commons.

Palin is requesting that Obama call her in regards to criticism that her family has received from Bill Maher, a large supporter of Obama.

In a blog post, Palin states: “You don’t know my telephone number, but I hope your staff is busy trying to find it. Ever since you called Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut, I figured I might be next.  You explained to reporters you called her because you were thinking of your two daughters, Malia and Sasha. After all, you didn’t want them to think it was okay for men to treat them that way.”

Law student Sandra Fluke came under Limbaugh’s scrutiny after supporting rules that would mandate that employer paid insurance programs cover birth control. The situation caused a wild discourse. The New York Daily News reports that Obama called Fluke out of respect for his daughters.


In a March 6, 2012 press conference, Obama stated, “One of the things I want them to do as they get older is engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on. I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way. And I don’t want them attacked or called horrible names because they’re being good citizens.”

Limbaugh has since apologized for his comments.

Palin charges that the President should come to her defense in regards to insults from Maher. She states that he would do so for his daughters. However, she does acknowledge that President Obama came to her defense during the 2008 election according to Fox News reports.



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  • So now Bristol has a touch of jungle fever?  We already heard about Mamma Grizzly with NBA’s Glen Rice.  Like mother, like daughter.   Bristol is selling herself in any form or fashion just like Sarah, to make that money.  Talk about some successful capitalists- all body and no brains.  See what they’re willing to do for the cash at

  • zeddy303

    You’ve gotta be kidding me! Bristol Palin is a public figure, Sandra Fluke is a private citizen. Sandra is also not pretending  to be a holier than thou conservative that never has sex. Unlike some bible fearing hypocrites who have children out of wedlock. 

    • Jackson

      Bristol Palin is a joke

  • Bristol, It was your mother’s decision to parade you and your unplanned pregnancy on the national stage. Maybe you should be having a conversation with her about this instead of Mr President.

  • shakemeup

    She’s just lonely and jealous of the attention going to Sandra Flakes responsibility.  Really misses the media attention. Maybe she can get an appearance with Octomom.

  • ballpark1981

    obama doesn’t care about anyone but himself, he will never call Bristol, will never have maher apologize,  will never give mahers million back.  While people are talking about this, no ones talking about $15,000,000,000,000 debt, solyndra, fast and furious, 8.5 % unemployment , no jobs, china dependence, syria, iran’s nukes,$ 5.00 a gallon gas, foreclosures, GM volt plant closing. smoke and mirrors for the sheeple.

  • 1949vet

    He never took my call either. I noticed that in California which is suppose to have close to or the toughest DUI laws in the nation Bobby Brown was released Wednesday after only serving nine hours of his 55-day jail sentence for driving under the influence.

    I want to know who took that call so when I get my 3rd (and the 1st and 2nd know who I need to speak too.