Lawyers claim defamation trial too dangerous for Casey Anthony to attend

Casey Anthony lawyer's say her life is in danger if she were to attend defamation trial. Screen shot via Orlando Sentinel.

Zenaida Gonzalez’s legal team made a plea to the Ninth Judicial Court of Florida this morning, requesting that acquitted, alleged child killer Casey Anthony be subpoenaed on behalf of Gonzalez’s defamation lawsuit. Gonzales is suing Casey Anthony for defamation after Anthony’s 2008 claim that a person named Zenaida Gonzalez was the last known person to be seen with her missing daughter, Caylee. Anthony claimed that Gonzales was Caylee’s Nanny and suggested she may have kidnapped her. It was later found out by authorities that Anthony had made the story up and had never met anybody by the plaintiff’s name. Approximately six months after the lie was revealed, 3-year-old Caylee’s dead body was discovered a few blocks away from the Anthony’s family home. Anthony later went on trial for first degree murder and child abuse charges for which she acquitted.

Anthony’s lawyers, Charles Green and Cheney Mason (Jose Baez was allegedly fired by Anthony), claim that Anthony’s required presence does nothing to settle the case but does everything for a media frenzy and public persecution which could excite violence against their client.

Presiding Judge Lisa Munyon ruled this morning that Gonzalez’s attorneys can subpoena Anthony, but Anthony’s lawyers would not be required to accept the subpoena on her behalf. So while the ruling gives Gonzalez’s attorney’s Anthony’s whereabouts, it is unlikely that she will be required to show up in court. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Anthony has exercised her Fifth Amendment about the case in the past and refused to answer any questions about stories she allegedly made up about Gonzalez and her role in Caylee’s disappearance.

Gonzalez lawsuit claims that Anthony’s false claims about her have ruined her reputation and caused her a loss of income and undue emotional distress.

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