Snooki admits to pregnancy, says she's past first trimester

Despite her extensive press tour with JWoww and denying her pregnancy, she announces to Us Weekly this moring that she is pregnant.

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Despite her extensive press tour with JWoww and denying her pregnancy, she announces to Us Weekly this moring that she is pregnant.

Snooki will be featured on this week's Us Weekly cover, announcing her pregnancy. Photo from

A month ago, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, best known for her drunken antics on MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore,” was visiting every major talk show with her cast mate and friend Jenny “JWoww” Farley promoting their upcoming Jersey Shore spin off and denying rampant rumors of her pregnancy.

During a visit to The Wendy Williams Show Feb. 3, Polizzi even took a sip out of a giant mug of beer to prove that she wasn’t pregnant. During appearances on Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and even Sirius XM’s the Opie and Anthony Channel, she told interviewers repeatedly that she wasn’t pregnant and was upset over the rumors, adding that she hated being called fat and thought she was in really good shape.

On Live With Kelly Jan. 31, she said she felt uncomfortable with the rumors.

“It was crazy yesterday, everyone thought I was pregnant. I was like, ‘Great, I gained weight again,'” she joked. “I definitely want kids, but I’m not pregnant.”


Five weeks later, however, the guidette is singing a different tune. This morning, Us Weekly confirmed that Polizzi, 24, is pregnant. She gave the weekly tabloid details of her pregnancy exclusively, along with a photo of her growing bump, now somewhere in her second trimester, meaning at the time of the press tour promoting the spinoff, she was still in her first trimester.

Most women choose to wait until after the first trimester to announce their pregnancies, but rumors are swirling as to why Snooki waited to announce hers, including some bloggers’ thoughts that she might have been haggling for the biggest payout from a weekly magazine.

Snooki said her reason was the same as any other mom’s.

“I wanted to make sure the baby was ok,” she told Us. “Things can go wrong, like a miscarriage. It was my business, and I wasn’t ready to tell.”

Snooki and her boyfriend Jionni are both excited about the new, yet surprise, arrival. Photo from

Whatever the case, Us released some of the details online this morning, with the full story to be printed in their upcoming issue that should hit news stands this weekend.

Included in the announcement? Snooki is not only pregnant but also engaged to her boyfriend of a year and a half, Jionni LaValle, also 24. She also told Us that she’s not filming Jersey Shore this summer because it’s disgusting for a pregnant woman to hang out in a club. She does say she might visit the shore, though.

Us Executive Editor Albert Lee talked to Good Morning America, which ran the news about Snooki’s pregnancy on this morning’s show, about the exclusive.

Lee said that the pair first noticed they might have a baby on the way when they were partying on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas and noticed a week after that Snooki’s period was a week late.

“She actually told us she always carries a pregnancy test with her, and whenever she’s late, she does a test just to make sure,” he told GMA. “She said her first thought was that she freaked out because she did go out and party quite a bit on New Year’s Eve, but obviously those days are over now for her.”

Lee told GMA Snooki said she was done with the booze and partying and is ok without letting that part of her life go while she prepares to be a mom and a wife.

Both she and LaValle want to wait to get married until after Snooki gives birth, loses some weight and can include the baby in the ceremony.

As for the gender, they’re split on preference. Snooki wants a girl, so she can be a cheerleader, said LaValle. LaValle himself wants a boy, so he can be an athlete. He said if the baby ends up being a girl, she can’t date until she’s 18. Snooki nixed that idea, stating that she began dating at 13, and she turned out just fine.

As to whether or not their baby will be allowed to watch Jersey Shore someday, both say they don’t think they can stop it.

“It’s going to happen either way,” said Snooki. “They can Google it and watch behind our backs, so I’m going to talk to them about it. I’ll say, ‘This is what not to do.'”

GMA talked to Hollywood Reporter Senior Writer Lacey Rose, discussing the implications of Snooki’s absence for MTV. She said it’s obviously a problem they’re going to have to address.

“There’s no question not having Snooki on ‘Jersey Shore’ on MTV on a weekly basis would be a real challenge for MTV,” she said. “She is a big reason why people tune in.”

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